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  1. jmw_bonsai
    jmw_bonsai Dav4
    Love that raft maple!!! Need to get together this spring for some crafts and tree talk!
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  2. Dorky_gearhead
    Skin that smoke wagon!
  3. Riversedgebonsai
    Riversedgebonsai Admin
    New today, not sure what to enter under the status update. could not find any reference. thanks Frank
  4. artofthedaiza
    artofthedaiza Lynn E
    Also, my website is
    On the home page at the top is the "Bonsai Stands Ordering Gallery" page
    Click on it to see about 100 different stands which are numbered for ordering reference.
    Keep in mind the prices on that page are for the size of the stand noted.
  5. artofthedaiza
    artofthedaiza Lynn E
    Hi Lynn, my email is
    Email me to talk about the stand you need.
  6. Anthony
    Has seen the birth of super Bonsai, and it's got a cape
  7. Hack Yeah!
    Hack Yeah! cbroad
    Good job, new to the chat was just more or less wondering if anyone looked at the chat
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  8. hometeamrocker
    hometeamrocker sorce
    Hey Source, hope you're well my man. You pasted a post from Smoke (I think) about developing maples and I need to read it again, ad nauseum. Can you link it to me por favor? Thanks Homey, Eli
  9. Barry
    Barry ohiogrown
    I have a used copy. don't really know what to ask for it. make me a reasonable offer
    1. ohiogrown
      I actually ordered one last week.but thank you
      Nov 3, 2017
  10. grouper52
    grouper52 M. Frary
    Mike! How the hell are you? Can't navigate the site well, but couldn't find a gallery of your trees - it'd be great to see. By my calculation you're heading into winter now - stay warm! I'd send you some tropical heat from here it I could get it in through customs ... Anyway, great to see you're still very active here, and In the top three or so for both posts and likes! Take care. Will
  11. sorce
  12. Hack Yeah!
    Hack Yeah! Admin
    I would like to speak to someone about the design of this site, how could that best be accomplished
  13. Zoomie
    Zoomie GrimLore
    Just wanted to thank GrimLore for being an amazing guy and spending a couple hours on the phone with a new guy. Sincerest thanks, sir. I took a ton of notes and grateful that you answered so many questions!
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  14. JoeH
    JoeH Leo in N E Illinois
    hey, thanks for your guide post there. I am actually a transplant from Illinois, born in Cook COunty then lived in Toluca till 16 yrs old. Long suffering Cubs fan hoping the post season goes a bit longer for them tonight. :)
  15. Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut
    Fall is in the air. The koi have stopped being feisty :)
  16. MountainExplorer
  17. MountainExplorer
    MountainExplorer Steve C
    Beautiful purple plant rhododendron or azalea?
    1. Steve C
      Steve C
      Thanks. It's an Azalea. It's about twice that size now so needs a good hard prune after it blooms out next spring. Got pretty bushy this summer.
      Sep 21, 2017
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    2. MountainExplorer
      I see that you live up Michigan where it gets freezing like here in New England, quick question do you keep outside in that pot?
      Sep 21, 2017
    3. Steve C
      Steve C
      Usually about mid October I put it in the shed (non heated) where it stays till about early April. It does stay in that pot though in the unheated shed. Been doing good that way for about 3-4 yrs now.. knock on wood.
      Sep 21, 2017
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  18. Mellow Mullet
    Hey dude!
    Just a quick inquiry for you....
    When do you reply you azaleas?
    Are there indicators you use to determine when?
    I love azaleas, and I want more.
    I have 3 now and 2 of them will probably need repotting next year.
  19. parhamr
    August was the hottest on record here in Portland.
  20. parhamr
    It's hot. Very hot.