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  1. sorce
    sorce TomB
    Ton that Sloe in the thread I don't have a tree for is superb!
  2. Adler
    Adler Admin
    I put my wrong birth year on its supposed to be 2001 can you help thanks
  3. sorce
    sorce Vance Wood
    Vance I just realized that of all the people I learned from, about every nursery tree or shrub commonly used and considered "easy", the only Nursery tree I have alive and repotted is my Mugo Pine!
    I can't express how much I appreciate your passion for Mugo!
    I would not be able to enjoy a pine at all if it wasn't for this.
    I can't begin to explain what this means to me, and I can never thank you enough!
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  4. ColinFraser
    Repotting season in full swing now - my fingernails won't be clean for a month!
  5. Redwood Ryan
    Redwood Ryan
    Working my way back into the hobby....
  6. tree4me
    Michael Downey
  7. tree4me
  8. thumblessprimate1
    thumblessprimate1 bleumeon
    Nice blog, man. Keep the updates rolling!
    1. bleumeon
      Thanks man, I appreciate it!
      Mar 2, 2017
  9. Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut
    Spring is in the air. The koi are getting feisty.
  10. Vance Wood
    Vance Wood Bonsai Nut
    Making a long story short----I hope, I had to change my email and I am having problems doing so with the members services. If you could help me out here I would appreciate it.
    1. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      Changed to Let me know if you have any problems.
      Feb 28, 2017
  11. music~maker
    A couple trees are starting to wake up at least a month early. Excited to work on them, but anxious about mid-March temp fluctuations.
  12. clive bennett
    clive bennett Bolero
    better to spend some time on modest quality trees requiring lots of work free and local or heading out to the wilds and raping the mountains for trees that with your level of perceived experience will die.
    At the very least you can learn a huge amount of information on digging . keeping alive and styling, grafting, and who knows what.
    good luck
  13. ColinFraser
    All set up at the Huntington and looking forward to a great weekend! I updated my profile picture to make sure I'm easy to recognize ;)
  14. AlainK
    AlainK Bonsai Nut
    Montant du don : $15,00 USD
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    Taux de change : 1 Euro = 1,01971 Dollar USD
    Objet : Bonsai Nut Web Site
    Cotisant : Alain Krizic
  15. leatherback
    OK John Snow. Winter has come. When is summer coming?
  16. Cypress187
    Yoo, I'm back!
  17. michael dixon
    michael dixon Vance Wood
    hi vance i have about 50 1 year old mugo pumilio what is the best way to take care of them thanks
  18. Rob Hoffman
    Rob Hoffman mattspiniken
    Hi again Matt. I really like the tree but it's out of my price range. Plus I heard Larch don't do well where I am. Thanks for thinking of me.
  19. Mike MoMo
    Mike MoMo
    I took a break but I'm Back.. Life is Good and My Trees are growing.
  20. Stickroot
    My Wife Had The Baby!!!