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  1. sorce
    sorce M. Frary
    Welcome to the 10k club!
    1. M. Frary
      M. Frary
      Didn't even realize.
      I was going to do the 1000th on the train with the tree I got from Vance yesterday.
      Thanks bro!
      Aug 13, 2017 at 5:51 PM
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  2. jazzaero
    jazzaero c54fun
    Hello c54fun. I live in Dallas and just started getting interested in bonsai. Your posts are great to give me an idea how my trees might do in this weather.
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    2. c54fun
      Some trees do well in Dallas and others don't. Bonsai is a lot of fun and addicting.
      Aug 7, 2017
  3. Mike MoMo
    Mike MoMo
    If I keep it alive a decade or two that Oak will be a Bonsai.
  4. shinmai
    shinmai Smoke
    That would be 'forest' to 'forrest' to 'Forrest Gump' to 'jenny', the Robin Wright character who was the love of his life.
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  5. btg.21
    btg.21 Andrew Robson
    Hi Im need of some help. satsuki azalea needs a lot of tlc!and hoping you can help. cant seem to find any good articles to help decide on a mix and mind you ive only got one year of experience. Is there anything you can recommend or some sort of soil recipe or your preference. I want to avoid killing my little guy and not buy all required elements for a good mix if i dont need it.
    1. btg.21
      I live in south florida if that helps. Also what are the first steps to take for treating root rot.
      Jul 20, 2017
  6. Mike Corazzi
    Mike Corazzi JudyB
    Well... looks like Ms. Oliive is happy again. At least for the summer.
    My resident club "olive person" sez that ...HERE.... olives want...DIRT!
    So.... I'll be repotting next season in more akadama and SOIL. WAY less lava.
    Probly replace the lava with pumice.


    How can a bonsaist utter, "DIRT?"
    1. JudyB
      seems a bit crazy to me too, why don't you just try unsifted akadama. I use that mix for things that need more moisture. Glad that your olive has picked back up!
      Jul 17, 2017
  7. crust
    crust twisted trees
    Anyway, keep up the good work out east, I really admire your creations.
  8. crust
    crust twisted trees
    Its really weird, Lenz confirms he had these pests before, they come in via others plants. He jsut zapped then with Raid--but that is what he did with most things.
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  9. crust
    crust twisted trees
    I am doing through spray weekly with Abamectin(generic Avid) mixed with Malathion one week and Orthene the next etc. with an adjuvant for 3 or 4 weeks. The first spraying seems to have killed everything--I am supposed to follow with TeraSan for the crawler stage stuff but don't have it. Too cheap for Forbid but now I have found a small amount source for Forbid. Most say that's the stuff to use.
  10. crust
    crust twisted trees
    I never did in all my years until the last few and well, when you do, it sucks.
    1. twisted trees
      twisted trees
      Kill em. Kill em all.
      Jul 14, 2017
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  11. crust
    crust twisted trees
    Have you dealt with spider mites in your larches?
    1. twisted trees
      twisted trees
      Never had a problem.
      Jul 14, 2017
  12. Yet♧One
    Yet♧One my nellie
    Hi New here..
    Saw your post" Not a Raintree...i think"
    In a bonsai identification search 0f my own, and saw yours and it looks like a "Jacaranda" with that colored trunk.

    Let me know how you got on
    with its identification please.
    Thanks again

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    1. my nellie
      my nellie
      I wait until it blooms -if ever- so that we can be more certain about species.
      Jacaranda flowers have a splendid colou!r
      Jul 1, 2017
  13. Teresa Leist
    Teresa Leist thams
    I have 16 Hagedorn pots for sale along with a few Sara Raynor as well
  14. Hari vardh
    Hari vardh sorce
    My adenium bonsai leaves are turning yellow and shedding leaves pls help me
    1. sorce
      Burn it!
      Just kidding!

      Make a thread with good pix!
      Jun 23, 2017
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  15. Bolero
    Bolero RKatzin
    You are doing well Rick, keep it up...Ever hear of Pewabic "

    Chuck aka Bolero
  17. tree4me
    Michael Downey
  18. bobbywett
  19. Saddler
    How I rate myself on a technique: 1st time "gold star?!?" 10th, capable 100th, good 1000th, great 10,000th skilled, 100,000th I'm over it!!
  20. Wilson
    First day of sun in forever, and I now have a permanent tank top...