American Eastern Larch (Informal Upright)
Victrinia Ensor

American Eastern Larch (Informal Upright)

Bonsai Arist: Mr. Nick Lenz
Species: Larix laricana
Exhibited At: Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

More specific information on this tree to be provided at a future date.

This photograph was taken in the very late afternoon. So much so the sunlight was about to dip off the horizon. I adjusted the shutter speed, to slow it down, and allow more light to be exposed in the photograph. Due to the "spookey" nature of this tree, the effect was quite suprising. The small amount of light reflected off the wall behind, and its yellow fall foliage, blazes dramatically around the subdued tones of the trees trunk.

Photography by Victrinia Ensor
Lil Brother...

I was not overly fond of this tree until Halloween this last year... then I learned to appreciate it. I don't see it as truly spookey on any level. In fact I see it as almost whimsical and amusing. So while it may be considered something of a gimick tree.... I think it's imaginative. And for me... there is a place in bonsai for such works...

Yours always,

Big Sister
I love a great deal about Nick Lenz' work, especially his mastery of all the techniques of bonsai so he can accomplish things like this. I do not necessarily share his creative vision, but I do believe many of his trees are works of art.
I am given to understand that this tree was a happy accident, or rather a slip of the tool, as it were. While working on it, he made a boo-boo... and to use one of Daniel's favorite phrases, took it as a "styling opportunity".

When I first saw it, I didn't like it much either... it was creepy. But I guess that just means it was effective. But I learned to appreciate this tree also in the moment I took this pic... it was bathed in the warmest afternoon light. It was a marvelous thing to see....
Beautiful, I don't know what an ancient larch looks like, but I would like them to look like this :D

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