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  • Acer
    got that nice S shape
  • Hornbeam
    That's the one I would buy if they were for sale.. probably the only ones could afford anyway..
  • balcony bonsai
    It always kills me that you have your trees so close to the edge of a balcony, and over the edge lol. I know it makes sense space wise and its great but damn, my anxiety kicks up just looking at it!
    Same.. and no straps to boot..! Living on the edge to new meaning smh
  • Carpinus
    carolina, or european hornbeam?
  • balcony bonsai
    I need to take notes on how to only collect and train things that show great promise to becoming great bonsai. My current collection has a handful of good material and a bunch of mediocre at best trees that suck up too much time and space.. just can't bring myself to cull the bad one's outmy...
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