Japanese Maple
Vance Wood

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Acer Palmatum species. Unknown Cultivar. Derived from a major trunk chop and in development since 1994
I can't remember if I ever commented on this tree when it was on display elsewhere.... but in case I have never said it... I am excessively fond of this tree.... I will be only too joyful to produce such myself. I am hunting for the right one to start with. I know you have worked on this one for a long long time... I don't mind putting in the time. I never get tired of looking at it... (smile)

Just beautiful.

I'm glad you like the Maple, it is perhaps the only piece of stock I have spent more than $50 for, and that was for the trunk only. Thanks for the kind words, you are very kind.
Another one of your quality trees. The optic nerve appreciates them. I hope you show more of your Mugo Pines, also? It has been a while since i have seen the big mugo.

Pretty nice tree Vance, I would love to see it with no leaves to see the inner branching.
This is a very beautiful maple. I concur with the rest and am enjoying looking at it. ;) Thank you for sharing it with us!

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