Mountain Hemlock (Twin Trunk)
Victrinia Ensor

Mountain Hemlock (Twin Trunk)

Bonsai Arist: To be provided later
Species: Tsuga mertensiana
Exhibited At: Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

More specific information on this tree will be provided at a later date.

This photograph was taken in the early afternoon with the sunlight coming over a southern wall. The highlighted canopy, and uplighting effect on the trunk from the display table, puts this amoung my favorite photographs.

Photography by Victrinia Ensor
This is a very nice tree. Would stand up nicely in almost any club show I have seen in these parts.
This tree is quite large, and truly a beautiful sight to behold. It's a great favorite amoung those whom I give photography groupings containing this shot. For some reason, it's more lovely printed than any screen can convey.
This is a beautiful tree, Vic. My only concern would be the confusion at the top of the second trunk, where it blends too much with the main trunk. It's truly a classic, though.
Hello Victrinia from Vancouver Island, BC Canada, a home of the Mountain Hemlock.
Although I agree with everyone’s comments about it being a great tree (and a really great photo), I rarely see this shape and form of Hm in the mountains around here where it grows. Due to the heavy snow loads that it experiences (sub-alpine boreal climate), the shape of their crowns tend to be narrower and pointed (except perhaps when it hybridizes with its cousin Western Hemlock).
Cheers Graham
A sense of grace and tranquility, supported by the feminine pot style. I know that in the wild this species does not often convey these qualities, but this bonsai must represent a very special individual, growing in a place where this aspect of its nature can come through.

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Bonsai Photography: Lights and Shadows
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