Mugo Pine: Pinus Mugo Mugus
Vance Wood

Mugo Pine: Pinus Mugo Mugus

Mugo Pine developed from 3 gallon nursery plant. In training about 12 years. Photo taken from grow out year. It is important that in the process of needle reduction that the tree rest one out of three seasons our the vigor of the tree will suffer. This was one such year.
Nice tree Vance... I like how you balanced branches to compensate for their placement. For example, the "2nd" branch (first low right) is actually the "3rd" in reality, as compared to that one that goes off the left and back (the branch above the "1st").... but by instinct or intent you balanced it by lowering the one and raising the other. In fact the more I study it... the more I like it. I like the nebari... though the last time I said that to someone at BT I got told they were messy... didn't diminish the fact that I liked the more natural appreance, and I only say that in case someone wants to correct my eye. ;) Also... I like the taper, and am only a little confounded as to the exact path of the trunk. This is one of those trees I would enjoy to muse over at length from different views.

Yours most kindly,

The tree needs to be thinned a good deal. This photo was taken during a resting period where you have to allow the tree a season without intervention as far as bud pinching and needle pulling. This season it will be brutalized again, cut back and thinned a great deal. I appreciate the kind remarks, I like the tree too but it is still quite young as bonsai go.

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