Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection
Victrinia Ensor

Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

Bonsai Artist: Mr. Nick Lenz
Species: American Eastern Larch (Larix laricana)

Traditions and Transitions - Arts of the Earth

This unique display combining the art of pottery, with the art of bonsai, was put on by the Weyerhaeuser Company. The curator for the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection is Mr. David DeGroot. Some of the collection's most popular trees were used in this exhibit. Not the least of which are Mr. Nick Lenz's American Eastern Larch, Mr. John Naka's Oriental Sweet Gum, and Mr. Vaughn Banting's Bald Cypress.

This exhibit was on display at the PRBC August 17 - September 27, 2006.

Photography by Victrinia Ensor
It is my favorite as well KC.... It is strange though in it's inability to be appreciated in winter, as other larches are. As soon as it starts to turn it is removed from display. Because it's only "perfect" in vigorus leaf. Interestingly enough.... the spooky larch is only shown when it's in fall coloration, or bare.... which is as it should be with that tree. I love larches, because you have an oppurtunity to have the best of both worlds.
What do you mean about it being imperfect? Have you had the opportunity to see it up close or bare? I would be interested to see how that plays out.

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