Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection
Victrinia Ensor

Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

Bonsai Artist: Mr. Vaughn Banting
Species: Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

Traditions and Transitions - Arts of the Earth

This unique display combining the art of pottery, with the art of bonsai, was put on by the Weyerhaeuser Company. The curator for the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection is Mr. David DeGroot. Some of the collection's most popular trees were used in this exhibit. Not the least of which are Mr. Nick Lenz's American Eastern Larch, Mr. John Naka's Oriental Sweet Gum, and Mr. Vaughn Banting's Bald Cypress.

This exhibit was on display at the PRBC August 17 - September 27, 2006.

Photography by Victrinia Ensor
I love Vaughn's tree. I wonder, however, how well the ceramic piece coordinates with it. The display as a whole seems less cohesive than some.
Interestingly, I would have paired some of the peices very differently myself. But seeing this irl, it was exceedingly lovely. I do not disgaree with your assessment in the least though.
I do love what Dave DeGroot is doing with the collection. Just seeing this tree so healthy in its extremely shallow pot is good for the bonsai soul.
It's a very nice tree I like it a lot. If you envision the small sculpture as a hut of some sort, the tree suddenly towers into the sky. It's amazing what the addition of scale can do for a composition.

Bald cypress are lowland trees and this one seems orphaned, forced by the composition into a rocky-craggy setting. I would expect a tree, of whatever species, to show some effects of wind and perhaps ice in such an environment.

Or, is this a riverbank scene, with the triangular mountain distantly seen? Sorry, I've tried but I can't make that visualization work.

Excellent tree, I'd like to see it next to a big body of water (lake or slow moving river). Like Chris Johnson and riprap said; although the tree is amazing, it is placed in the wrong setting.
I love the tree, its sharp. The weird looking piece with the screw? on top distracts from the scene IMO.


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