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    The Tree Thread

    Field grown trident recently potted up.
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    Ground Acer

    Hi, another tree I have in the ground. This one is about 4-5 years in the ground. Any recommendation on where to cut the tree? I'm hoping to keep the double-trunk feature. Thanks!
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    Ground Trident

    Hi, I've had this Korean Trident maple in the ground for about 5-6 years. The base of the trunk is now 4-5inches. I want to chop it down and get it ready to be potted. Any recommendation on where to chop it? These pics were taken in early spring so the tree is now a mass of leaves. The...
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    Acer Ginnala styled

    Awesome growth Serge! I can't wait for it's haircut! :D
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    New Benches

    Very nice upgrade Sandy! I also like what you've done with the yard area behind the pic.
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    Randy Knight Japanese Maple

    I agree Judy. Comparing them 1st pic and now side by side is amazing!
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    Suthin's bonsai collcetion sale

    Well, looks like I'm heading over...Suthin's just a 40min drive! I always wanted to see Suthin's collection! :)
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    So it begins again... Winter Moth infestation

    For the past 2 years, there has been serious Winter Moth caterpillars infestation here in Massachusetts. Last winter, all of my maples had leaf damage due to these caterpillars. Since they have no native predator, they spread like wildlife. What type of damage can they possibly do? I'm...
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    The tree is looking great Mach!
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    Wintering Spray

    I'm also using copper fungicide.
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    Wintering Spray

    I had a bad case of mildew on my JM this year too!
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    Wintering Spray

    What spray(s) is recommended before placing bonsai in their wintering location. In my case, it's a garage. It's around the corner when I shelter my bonsai in the garage (Thanksgiving). All of my deciduous trees have dropped their leaves so I think they're ready! Thanks!
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    Garage Heater for Overwintering

    I am also contemplating mulching some trees outside. I have an area that i can dig and mulch most of them (if not all). The area sits by a fence, so there shouldn't be too much wind. Perhaps I'll try mulching the conifers this winter... As for the Azaleas, I've had the worst luck with them...
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    Garage Heater for Overwintering

    Thanks for the input. One day of exposed freezing already on Saturday at 27f! :) I usually let them sit outside until Thanksgiving which afterwards gets consistently below 30s. The trees would see low 30s for most of Nov and below 32f a few days.
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    Garage Heater for Overwintering

    Yeah, thermostats can vary. Good thing I have literally 6 from various brands in the garage. Most are within 2-3f of each other but I noticed one yesterday was 10f off. I need to throw that one out.
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