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    Japanese black pine sacrifice reduction

    Sorry, Brian, it appears I replied to you. I was meaning to respond to the OP.
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    Should I decandle my JBP 'now'?

    You’ll be ok. If you had decandled really early, like at the end of May, yeah, you’d get needles just as long as if you hadn’t decandled! You would, however, benefit by having more shoots, and likely shorter internodes, Decandling has benefits other than just reducing needle length. It...
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    Japanese black pine sacrifice reduction

    It looks like you removed a bunch of low branches over the years. Those should have been kept. Your tree SHOULD have looked like these: These were at Telperion Farms, with 15 foot tall sacrifice branches, but lots of low branches kept on, but regularly pruned back, to use for making the...
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    Should I decandle my JBP 'now'?

    For the record, I state that my “decandling date” is July 4th, here in North Georgia. In practice, however, I rarely actually do any decandling on July4th, I’m doing something else. But, that’s the date I use because it’s easy to remember. I do some a little before, and some a little after. I...
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    Combatting reverse taper and tree vigor

    It has a compound leaf and long internodes. Not the kind of qualities that make good bonsai. Especially small bonsai. You would be most successful going for a large tree style rather than a small tree.
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    Another Ume

    The leaves are what they are. That’s Ume. If they curl, the tree will bloom. If not, it won’t. That’s the thing... most of the year, they’re plain, if not down right ugly. But those two weeks of the year when they’re in bloom... there’s nothing better!
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    Another Ume

    Lol!!! It’s not an apple. It’s an Ume. Japanese flowering apricot. And that fruit is an apricot. The leaves? They’re curled up. Which is what Ume do in the summer. A mature Ume that produces flowers will have rough leaves, and they’ll curl up. Yes, they look like they’re all dried up, but...
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    Another Ume

    I thought this thread was about Ume! So... Should I bring this one home and sneak it into the Shohin Show?
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    Shohin black pine from seed

    Looking good, Scott! You might want to discuss that sacrifice apex leader...
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    A Twin Trunk Sierra Juniper

    It looks like you pinched the Ume! How do you expect it to bloom if you keep pinching it?
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    Trunk chopping azalea

    You can do this kind of thing with an azalea. Juniper? No.
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    Young material...but none the less Paul's Scarlett Hawthorn

    And when you pot it, don’t just stick it in the ground, plant it at an angle, so that the trunk emerges from the ground at an angle. Then, you can wire curves into it.
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    To remove 20+ years of growth or not?

    Dampening probably has little effect. In Japan, some nurseries use “plastic rope” instead of raffia. It’s a vinyl black tape with no sticky kind of stuff. It doesn’t stretch. The purpose of raffia or the rope is to prevent the bark and cambium from separating from the heartwood. And help...
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    To remove 20+ years of growth or not?

    This is not the right time of year to be attempting to twist the trunk. Twisting is how you delaminate the bark off the heartwood! Wait until late fall/winter to do that. Yes, you have thick pads. On procumbens, especially if you pinch, you build balls of solid masses of foliage. So, don’t...
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    Scots pine in the ''sitting on the side of a mountain and growing in the natural pine tree'' style.

    I live in Georgia. The National Show in Rochester every 2 years has outstanding vendors. Any of the large ABS conventions have good vendors. They just had one recently in Houston. The Carolina Expo in Asheville usually has good vendors. The REBS Show in California does, too. At the end of...
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