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    Maple pre bonsai

    Hi Maroun Maples are not as rare as that here, I do have one and there are quite a few in the areas used as landscape. A friend of mine has 2 in Hazmieh so yours should be just fine They will get the required dormancy in the winter nothing to worry about (again both in Ain Saadeh and in...
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    Ulmus- thickening trunks

    to thicken the trunk 1. over sized pot or ground 2. a lot of fertilizing / water /sun 3. leave it alone, no cutting / trimming etc...
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    [2019- ] Berberis I

    You are right I did misunderstand you. Thanks for the clarification highly appreciated
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    [2019- ] Berberis I

    Thanks for the input. I can't 'slip pot' it. I am sure the roots didn't 'hold' the substrate yet. Moved it from full sun to partial shade hope it will recover
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    [2019- ] Berberis I

    So much for "you can't kill a berberis" ? This started about a week ago affecting only few leaves so I didn't think it was nasty. And here it is now... Underwatering? I don't think so it is being watered twice a day Over watering? It is in pouzzolane so I don't think so either Moved it to...
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    Kozan Satsuki

    wow it's jaw dropping
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    leaf reduction experiment on fig

    Fig reduce leafs size very well. There is a lot of details about that in a French bonsai forum but, the short version, is that you cut the leafs as they grow and the next one will be much smaller.
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    The Tree Thread

    A Kaho I was able to put my hands on 2 weeks ago flowering today... Should I worry about the brown leaves or just give it time?
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    Shohin cork bark elm

    Darn that looks nice ??
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    Air Layering Japanese maple

    I started an orange dream 6 Weeks ago, yesterday I saw the first root just peeking out. Hope more will follow
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    [2019- ] Berberis I

    I wish Thank you for that... so the "Second portion" is too thick with respect to the trunk / "1st portion" ?
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    [2019- ] Berberis I

    This one grew quite a bit in 1 month ? didn't really notice... Shall I leave it be or cut back?
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    Who has killed more trees than they have on their benches?

    This thread makes me feel less guilty but still 'yes I've killed more trees that I currently have'
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    Hawthorn cuttings

    Never been able to strike a hawthorn cutting and, from what I read, they are notoriously hard to root from cutting unless in a professional setup
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    Fuchsia: a couple of questions

    Nice! good to know it roots from thick cuttings thanks for sharing the experience
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