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    Wisteria seedlings

    If you can do it without bare rooting and disturbing a lot of the roots you can do it now Rule of thumb is that seedlings are in general tougher than big trees
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    Anybody Ever Try One Of These?

    Love these threads, so informative A big thanks to you and lovely tree
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    My 'Ben Oki' azalea

    I'm not Brian but flowers die and transform into seeds, takes too many energy from the tree. The flowers are kept long enough to enjoy the show and removed before the start to wither to save energy and resume growth
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    🤔 Not quite no Think of something much flatter and more balanced. Where roots are going radially out of the trunk (not downward) and roots are more or less same size
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    [2018] Acer Obtusifolium Syriacum

    @0soyoung after reading your reply I decided that, since these are readily available, why not just have a go at it, so I layered it at the base where I have all these messy roots. Let's see how it goes
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    New serissa tree

    Looking good
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    [2018] Acer Obtusifolium Syriacum

    Got today this ever green Maple that is native to our region. My plan for this year is to let it grow and gain strength but I do have some questions since it looks like a not so common subject 1. can it be bare rooted? 2. How much root pruning can it handle? 3. I was thinking of cutting one or...
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    NN - 10 years challenge

    How many trees are we allowed
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    NN - 10 years challenge

    Ok I'm game, what are the "Rules" how many "trees" are we allowed?
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    [201x - ] Olive 1

    Thank you for sharing your experience, much appreciated. Why does it need to be grown for a few years? I want a small shohin sized tree out of this one and the trunk is of a pretty decent size for a small tree no? wow thank you for the long answer, highly useful and appreciated. unfortunately...
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    [201x - ] Olive 1

    This morning gift ☺ are these flowers?
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    Pomegranate Help

    Hello again. Maybe you can share a clearer picture? I really doubt you can kill a pomegranate if it doesn't freeze but my weather is different than yours. I've made a cutting of about 10 cm and it rooted without problems. I digged one last year in August (which is totally off season) and it...
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    Pomegranate Help

    Honestly the picture doesn't show anything abnormal at all and pomegranate are really tough just give it time would be my guess
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    Olive cuttings experiment

    I'd go full sun and a black bag for the first few weeks...
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    The Tree Thread

    Orange dream recently acquired and being layered. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻
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