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    Is bonsai bad for your health?

    This is why I live on a blessed Tropical Island -o_O:p:p:p:p:p:p
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    Begginer- Buxus harlandii- wiring

    Would have suggested Gow and Clip. Presently testing Boxwood [ not sure if it is Chinese or other ] but as a hedging shrub, Grow and Clip works well. Good Day Anthony
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    Just Sharing - J.B. pine - Tropics - Shorter needles

    Okay Sifu will do. Wilson, we used to have an easy systemic in granules, but it was banned. Will have to check at the agro shop tomorrow. Good Day Anthony
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    New to bonsai - wiring and etc.

    Wiki listing Climate[edit] The city has a mild humid subtropical climate by which it can be compared to Brisbane, Australia[33] (Cfa, according to the Köppen classification).[34] In summer (January through March), the mean low temperature is about 19 °C (66 °F) and the mean high temperatures is...
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    Just Sharing - J.B. pine - Tropics - Shorter needles

    @Adair M , Pleased to note roots are surfacing, tree losing the pear trunk in pot shape. No one here considers this a good design. Okay Sifu here you are- 1] September 22nd 2018 Lowest branch too weak no needle removal 3 pairs 20 th November 2018 - 1] Needles grew out - were little 1/2...
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    When to carve??

    Two things - [1 ] Wood mature enough [2] Wood durable and not near the soil level. Good Day Anthony
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    Can anybody help me find this pot?

    @Japonicus , you could ask @sorce , if he could make you one, Good Day Anthony
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    Starter pots

    Ground Grow techniques for the trunk
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    Can anybody help me find this pot?

    @Japonicus, I believe this is the place - Our only importer of Bonsai pots will normally remove the i.d. tags but I think this is the place. Good Day Anthony
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    Fertilizing indoor bonsai...

    The guide - ***We grow our bonsai for BEAUTY, noi lumber or produce._**** That said ------ fat trunks --------- need ground growing. Refinement boxes - are for branchlets - uses oil seed meal, NPK - around 8 to 6 N and P/K 2 to 4 and there should be naturally included micro-nutrients. That...
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    Conifer chill requirements

    All the trees on my island are from zone 9 to 7. Birds brought the seeds and some adapted. So well was the adaption that many are logging trees, The Sageretia t is a zone 7 in the ground climbing shrub [ China ] Grows well here, in pot or the ground.Just don't touch the roots after October or...
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    Shibui pine contest entry

    The other side of the coin - [1 ] Shibui has plenty of space and can do as he wishes. [2] The 4th / 5th year uses 12 inch x 6 inch pots [ 30.5 cm x 15 cm ] and lots of growing space if you want the 30 inch [ 1 m ] extensions. Hah hah, we are already on overload. And no real unterest in...
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    Can anybody help me find this pot?

    There is an import company in Georgia, that has that pot. Good Luck Anthony
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    Just Sharing - J.B. pine - Tropics - Shorter needles

    @Adair M , Sifu, Maybe in two days. Not home. Thanks for responding. Good Day Anthony
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    Just Sharing - J.B. pine - Tropics - Shorter needles

    @Adair M , Hey Sifu, cut tree down to 3 pairs of needles per branchlet September 20th 2018. Result - needles at 2 inches. Now we watch to see if they will lengthen. Tree is due for a repot in March, and no more work will be done until September 2020. Fingers crossed. One situation out of...
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