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    Jacaranda Mimosifolia

    Try a Tamarind. Good Day Anthony
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    How do you determine when to water?

    @LouisianaNative , i would suggest you simply contact the members from Louisiana, like Zack, or Bill and talk to them.Perhaps get telephone numbers. That is what my brother-in-law did when he lived in Lafayette. Good Day Anthony
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    Reflection on your bonsai journey...

    Oh boy, a long time ago, in a country far far away, a man raised his arm and cried - Ling Nan. Wasn't me, as I had boys to raise [ now all in research ] and much to do,, I just helped out. Had no negatives as everyone was occupied with their world. Still doing what I did before and relaxed...
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    Query regarding technique to thicken a branch from Peter Tea

    Images are proof
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    Starting seeds in sphagnum moss

    When we were testing that - All Moss - idea from Youtube, Jerry Meislik [ IBCer ] warned us about - sudden death. Ask the others if you can transfer to soil mix for your area at some time. Hope to see you in J,B,pine 6 year forum. Good Day Anthony
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    Shrub, name unknown

    @my nellie , Αλεξάνδρα, It is just a simple tube. Good Day Anthony
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    Shrub, name unknown

    Gogeerah -:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:):) mottie:p
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    Four Seasons Bonsai Club Show

    Mike, who is Jack Sustic ? - good lean and air spaces / roots on that pine. Tell him thank you for me. Thank you for the images ------- enjoyed. Good Day Anthony
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    Bougy re pot. (Defoliation vs non defoliation.)

    Now that looks like a repot.:cool: Good Day Anthony
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    Four Seasons Bonsai Club Show

    I always got the idea he was gifted and very sensitive. Easily hurt and big of heart. Much like Uncle Gogeerah -:) Magical beings tend to be that way :cool: Good Day Anthony
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    Four Seasons Bonsai Club Show

    Gogeerah and The Sorce together --------- WOW !!!!!! Tokyo burns and is magically rebuilt. Good Times Anthony
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    How the tests go

    @Nicholas Box , thank you. If not for the bug hitting the leaves, I would have been happy to show you canopy today. Good Day Anthony
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    Brazilian Rain Tree Seeds

    @Clicio - is this it ? Fast growing and hard of wood ------ very beautiful tree, there are four in a park in Port of Spain. Anthony
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    Brazilian Rain Tree Seeds

    STOP !!!!! Try the other Brazilian Tree - bark cracks, fairy like leaves and NO THORNS. Sent in Fun :) But seriously Brazil has an ironwood, which we use for Bonsai and it is magnificent.:cool: Get Clicio to send you that one.o_O Say NO to painful trees.:eek::eek: Good Day Anthony
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    Bougy re pot. (Defoliation vs non defoliation.)

    Not meaning to be rude, but that looks more like bare rooting than repotting ? Good Day Anthony