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    Likes are now Reaction Scores?

    Might be that many folk might be like me, The Like - was just to say you read the comment, but that was all. React - would be more emotional ? Like I said be, lots of new bells and whistles. Improving communication on the Internet ? Good Day Anthony
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    New Turntable

    The idea is to simplify and focus on ------ the Design. Health of the tree and The DESIGN.
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    The Cheapest Turntable Ever...And So Easy to Make!!!

    Heh heh - glove was thrown down. Sit on a cushion and rotate the board. Handles up to 3 feet tall trees easily. Good Day Anthony
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    ixora plant zone 9 to 11

    On our side, in Bonsai pots, this temperature range will kill them during winter - 90 deg.F by day and 64 deg.F by night [ lasts 10 ours ] In the ground, no problems. In Bonsai pots, usually insect problem free. Good Day Anthony
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    Is anyone using pine bark in their bonsai soil ?
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    Is anyone using pine bark in their bonsai soil ?

    @R3x , did a 30 years of our soil mix in use [ Tropics ] check, found only the fne feeder roots and no decomposition of the inorganics. No loss of any factors. On our side it is the ball bearing principle [ O2 supply ] water retentionn / fertiliser ] and microbes for root health [ compost ]...
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    Is anyone using pine bark in their bonsai soil ?

    @Ali Raza , you can use J.B.pine [ sea shore in Japan ] and what is known as the Caribbean pine [ see Cuba - Isle of pines ] and the blend of Caribbean / Honduran pine. These exist in Australia and I believe the East Indies. The J.B.pine needles age faster in our no rain 6 month Dry Season...
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    Help Me Decide Montezuma Cypress Edition

    I like the first, because of the many branches and trunk/root situation. Good Day Anthony
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    Is anyone using pine bark in their bonsai soil ?

    Took around 4 years to compost Pine needles. Not sure what the NPK would be. Check your marbles for Alkali /Alkaline soluble content. Glass is usually 15 % or so Sodium Oxide and 10 % Calcium oxide. Crushing may make the Oxides easily availble in water. See what it does to roots. Tamarinds are...
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    If you can read this...

    Normal, and new bells and whistles to learn / adjust to. Good Day
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    If you can read this...

    Have to click through warnings on every page - bother.
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    If you can read this...

    There is a problem with this website’s security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server...
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    Maple pre bonsai

    @Hack Yeah! , we lost zonal envy with the Gmelina which has trident maple type leaves.;):) But thanks for thinking of me.:cool: Good Day Anthony
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    Cutting Pine Needles

    This should make it easier to comprehend. Drop the word - needle - use the word - leaf. As a tree grows, leaf removal, and how buds pop out. What was also noted - using a designed for 30 deg. C [ osmocote type frpm Israel ] good for 8 months, gave the best results for us using the pine...
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    New serissa tree

    In the ground the Chinese Serissa is rated for zone 7, as a hedge in China. See IBC for Carl Rosner maybe 2010 or earlier for the serissa [ Japanese ] in the ground, New Jersey. In the pot - ask Mellow Mullet. Good Day Anthony
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