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    What is your favorite soil to use and why?

    Firstly, Akadama, was used by those around Tokyo, The other folk used sand / gravel. Perhaps ypu guys need to look at it like this, !] Ground growing - rich soil for trunk size and perhaps the branches. Root placement ? 2] over sized pot for Branch and Branchlet refinement. 3] Bonsai pot...
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    What is your favorite soil to use and why?

    Heh Heh avoid organiics, but use oil cake meal or fish emulsion Heh heh. Hydroponics plus organic fertiliser. "We grow our Bonsai for BEAUTY not for produce or for lumber' Sorry Sifu [ Adair ] couldn't resist the tease. Good Day Anthony " another attempt to slow down loss of design ?
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    Bonsai photography

    simple - shoot image like this
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    Soil Test: The Tomato Project

    @Forsoothe! , Roma In the grow troughs [ about 12 to 16 inches deep ] Yield - 8 to 10 lbs a plant. No cides - just basil as the companion plant. Hope this helps, Anthony
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    Soil Test: The Tomato Project

    Since the 80's we have grown tomatoes in our bonsai soil mix, but at 8 mm size for the inorganics. Plus a tomato fertiliser, Works well. Happy growing, Anthony
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    Wilting Dilemma

    Wilting is also a sign of root damage. Most of all, trees do rest. For us it is Christmas to February. We also know that when the humidity is at 50ish, there must be a light watering in the evening. Addtionally in the tropics when something comes from above 3000 feet it follows sub-tropical...
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    Chinese Elm questions and wintering

    Leo has it stated as a zone 4 to 5 tree, In a pot. it maybe zone 6 or 7. China has them growing in zone 9 to export as -FAKE - indoor plants Buyer be ware, The ones that came fom Canada - died down here. Good Day Anthony Maples take 4 years to die down here with no dormant period. Tropics
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    Wilting Dilemma

    Carol, on our side the Bougainvillea sleeps from Christmas until the end of May [ dry season - no rain ] no or few leaves. Our escambron is from Barbados, a possible native and would be more Tropical. Check and see where your escambron comes from. Best to you, Anthony
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    Serissa 10 month progression

    deleted response. repeated information.
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    Chinese Elm pots

    @ConorDash , if the pocket can afford, get one of those pots and a loud azalea. Good Day Anthony
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    3D Photogrammetry

    Some years ago you could do that at AusBonsai
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    Back Operation - What do I do About my Trees?

    Don't be shy, ask friends for help. Good Day Anthony
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    Ziricote Shohin stand

    @artofthedaiza , actually we use that type of wood with boxes to hold jade or hand made teapots and teacups. Also pochade boxes. Sometimes we embellish with hand stamped brass corners and locks. Yes, they sell easily. We get that effect on ficus wood. It's all a hobby, but folk beg for items...
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    Ziricote Shohin stand

    @penumbra , the idea is every item in a tokonome is subservient to the tree. The tree is all. Good Day Anthony
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    Ziricote Shohin stand

    Beautiful stand, But will the electric table top compete with the tree ? Good Day Anthony
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