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    Nursery San Jose

    Still working on it :) though it was torn off its perch the other night as we are having a run of high winds and rain :eek: broke one of its branches so its held together ti wire and cut paste, time will tell and fingers crossed
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    Erin Pottery

    I have a few erin pots mainly mame sized They are of a superb standard and i can recommend the longevity in my climate (damn cold / wet all the time / not that hot) you will see many of the erin pots on as Harry has a tie in with them he also hosts their site maybe...
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    Comment by 'apisto' in media 'Colorado Blue Spruce'

    Very nice will be a bit special once in a tailor made pot
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    Formal display for discussion

    Cheers I noticed now we have tons of formal display threads going rather than tagging onto the one I will open another with these when i get back home :)
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    Formal display for discussion

    Here are 3 formal displays as pictured at Gardening Scotland this year Along with the formal Shohin display stand from the national collection The millimeter perfection of placement of the shohin was awe inspiring to see. Watching the set up the measuring tape was never far away along with...
  6. Sycamore a work in progress Shohin size

    Sycamore a work in progress Shohin size

    Sycamore from Yamadori Stock Shohin 8" tall still a work in progress have carved out the large latteral tap root removed on left of picture. tree was growing in 1" of ash no soil at all at least 25-30 year old stunted by harsh growing conditions. reduced from approx height...
  7. Photo of some trees on one of my benches

    Photo of some trees on one of my benches

    Some of my trees picture taken 2 months ago lots of growth since
  8. Nebari on Rowan (Mountain Ash)

    Nebari on Rowan (Mountain Ash)

    Grown from seed 13+ years old still lots of work to be done on top but nebari is coming along nicely
  9. San Jose Juniper

    San Jose Juniper

    My San Jose Difficult to be exact with how this one will turn out Either the bottom lot of foliage will be jinned leaving a very small amount up top or i will develop whats there and see how it goes.
  10. Betula species (Silver Birch)

    Betula species (Silver Birch)

    Collected Yamadori Stock 2nd place in Mame/Shohin up to 9" class (9 in class) Scottish Bonsai Association National Show 2009
  11. Salix type unknown

    Salix type unknown

    Semi cascade Salix from Yamadori Stock. Overall height of tree from pot to highest point on tree 3.5" span of branching in cascade 10"
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    Yamadori Beech

    Thats true some trees will bounce back from whatever you throw at them In my experience which is varied a 2 year approach gives far better results. My climate is very different to yours and am glad i have the Euro beech here from the sound of it :)
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    Red European Beech Question

    Our days are still continuing to get longer but this will stop at the end of June. Though by then we will only be having around 3.5 hours of semi night by then with the sky never rwally getting totally black. I have observed by trees actively growing through August and starting to wain off...
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    Another Freshly Dug Tree

    cool will wait and see what it looks like once it gets going :) If privet the ramifications can be built up rather rapidly which makes them ideal for Bonsai but like the other mentioned species they need constant work to keep them under control
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    Another Freshly Dug Tree

    You know to my eye it looks much like the privet hedging we have around here. I have one in development as a bonsai and the branching looks the same as does the growth pattern on the extending fresh ones. Privet is winter hardy around here where it can drop as low as -20 deg c but more...
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