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    Marco Invernizzi's new tool - "Ichiban"

    On the topic of price, I had the chance to use a $300 dollar pair of snips vs a $10 pair of chinese snips. I am getting a pair of $300 snips...
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    Marco Invernizzi's new tool - "Ichiban"

    It wil be interesting actually getting to try one of these tools. I brought a tool worth about $180 ($200 US) and saw the difference in both quality and ease of use over the cheaper kitchen utensils and cheap chinese knob cutter I had. Good tools give better finish to an artists vision than...
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    So you want to be a Professional?

    Didn't John clown and hector hack that forum and claim it was an accident? Them and their little bum buddies tried getting me banned from Ausbonsai, when it failed they threatened to kick my head in, hack my bnut account, spammed pm's to others with abuse and again threatened to kick my head...
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    Formal display for discussion IV

    knowing very little about such displays.... Should the scroll (or the tree) be a little over so they are not over lapping at all?
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    Tired of Crappy Threads

    just to stir it up.. This thread sucks..
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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    I am hoping to change direction again soon to "Is caek better than pie?"
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    Best time to collect besides early spring?

    I collect in winter and have not lost anything until the hot summer has hit. But my winters are rather mild only really having cold nights.
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    what is that????

    I have located a source in aus if anyone ahs interest.
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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    Well with about 6 people wanting to beat me up, Im not sure whos for me or who's against me anymore...
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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    And its why here in Aus we can freely pick up anything on the side of the road on hard rubbish weeks. Can find some good stuff sometimes.
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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    Oh and solt, you still owe me those trident seedlings :)
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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    Well, every cultivatar in Australia has copyright on it. It is to protect the breeder, so no one else can claim ownership. This means that each botanic garden has to pay to use the plant, unless its given by the breeder to the park. Now if you read your signs on entry to a botanic park it will...
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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    That is a copy right issue dude, and one not winnable over here. I tried getting some permission to collect seed over here in our gardens, but got told its not a good idea as copyright infringement is a nasty issue. Clearing native land with permission is not that straight forward. There are...
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    Collecting. With or without permission?

    You can remove any native on your land in which you planted. You need a permit for land clearing, and this is where you are able to obtain a permit to collect other tree's. Its expensive depending on how many tree's you want to take, but its possible to get that permission. The fine here if...