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    Japanese Apricot, kumquat, and flowering plum

    MeehansMiniatures in MD has kinzu and a couple of other citrus. I don't know if they have refined bonsai of these species. Send an email, they will answer.
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    Monster Crape Myrtle Fall Color

    Hot darn, that's a beauty!
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    RMJ Progression

    Nice tree!
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    How do you winterize your trees?

    I’m in 7a and mulch the containers on the ground out of the wind. The reason I mulch is to avoid freeze/thaw cycles. I put mint oil on cotton balls and scatter them around to keep rodents away. I replenish the mint oil cotton balls every month or so. I’ve had good luck so far.
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    Cold weather + My juniper

    Take care not to overwater the large can. Keep it out of rain
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    Meehans miniatures in MD ship, great people
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    American Beech - no likey literati?

    American beech is difficult and very slow for bonsai, huge leaves. best to start with a thick trunk under any circumstances. Long long term project
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    Sweet! Gum

    Deep woody roots, can’t get enough of a root ball ... I think?
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    Sweet! Gum

    I collected a few over the last several years. Won't survive collection.
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    Can a Chinese Juniper survive without direct sunlight?

    My friend has a similar growing space. His junipers have lost steam over the last few years and are dying,
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    New to the sport.

    Since you are in the landscape industry look for material that is being removed from landscapes like yews, junipers, box, azalea, crab, Japanese flowering quince, etc. Wonderful plant stock can be found in landscapes. (As far as P. strobus - we don't see many good ones.)
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    Keep it or trash it

    It will take many years for the trunk to thicken and the leaves may not reduce to a suitable size. If you have a hankering for an oak bonsai check out Zach of Bonsai South for nice collected or ground grown material. Also EvergreenGardenWorks online nursery has oaks available for bonsai.
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    Collecting in Pennsylvania

    I think your best shot is joining a club. Many/most will not give out info on their collecting areas.
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    5 year recovery spruce.

    I love spruce, yours is a beauty.
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    Seed collecting season, Acer and ulmus

    Chinese elm seeds - plant the seeds in a tray and leave them outside. They will germinate in the spring. No need to do anything else to them. I'm in 7A and have grown them every year from local trees for the last 4 or 5 years.
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