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    Does anyone know what this is.

    All these white things are at the base of my contorted quince extending up some branches. Looks like some kind of pest. Just not sure what it is/if or how it should be treated. This was repotted in the fall and is now covered with extending flower buds/roots through the bottom mesh, so it seems...
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    Which would you get

    Thank you all for your input. After a lot of deliberation I went with the Kaneshin. They just got shipped and I cant wait to receive them.
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    Which would you get

    I was not sure about the quality of the kiku gold tools (Japanese steel, made in China I think). I was under the impression that they were better than kiku classic from China, but when I go to the kiku website, The Kiku classic is the same price as the gold on superfly bonsai so I’m kind of...
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    Which would you get

    To clarify I have $25 worth of reward points at superfly bonsai
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    Which would you get

    Stainless kiku gold with wire cutters for 99 incuding shipping, or carbon Kaneshin for 118 plus shipping
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    Which would you get

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    December pot giveaway!

    Such a kind gesture. Thanks
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    Stewartia Monadelpha

    Has anyone ever had any luck air layering or ground layering one of these? I bought one a few years ago, which only had three large roots shooting straight down at the base. I was told that it would layer easily, so it’s been in the ground with bands (zip ties) around each of the three roots.It...
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    ***Looking for White Chojubai***

    Got a very healthy one from Julian Adams this year if he still has some.
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    Ueno Yama maple

    Also up for other ideas, thanks
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    Ueno Yama maple

    This is an Acer palmatum ‘Ueno Yama’ air layer that I would like some input on. The variety is much like katsura but grows very vigorously and has great twigging. I generally prefer tall thin maples so Im not planning on an aggressive chop. The lowest branch has been wired up and is just as tall...
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    Developing deciduous foliage pads

    Thank you all for taking the time. The video was also very helpful.
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    Developing deciduous foliage pads

    Any suggestions on the process of building foliage pads. I get the 2d nature of it, fan out the branch tips, but eventually that will result in a bare middle with leaves at the periphery. Im missing the 3d nature/vertical component. Here is a maple recently wired.
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    Acer palmatum beni tsukasa (from cutting)

    I keep coming back to look at this thread. What incredible work. Thank you so much for posting @clem. I don’t think this tree looks to sinusoidal like an octopus at all. I think it’s a great representation of Japanese maple. It is so good to see people designing Japanese maple that don’t look...
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