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    Green Japanese Maple

    I'm looking to buy a green Japanese maple starter. Surprisingly, no nursery near where I live carries them (At least none that I found online) I'm not necessarily looking for an in training bonsai, but moreso raw plant material. Cuttings, seedlings, plants, extra nursery stock, whatever...
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    Japanese Maple Nursery Stock

    You really think I should cut that one off all the way down to the fork? That is the larger of the two branches. Thanks for the article, those are really helpful to see. I've seen a couple like that but not that one yet :)
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    Japanese Maple Nursery Stock

    Good idea...I think I'll sit down with it tomorrow and draw something. As for air layering, I think I might go that route. That will also give me more time to brainstorm...And to see how it looks next spring with less nursery stress :P And of course see the branches without leaves in the way...
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    Japanese Maple Nursery Stock

    Hello, I'm new to this website as well as bonsai. I came into possession of a rather large bloodgood Japanese maple and was hoping I could get some advice on basically what to do next. First of all--Will this tree be able to be turned into a bonsai? I've never worked with anything so...
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