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    Funky Jams for All! Post here!

    DJ Lance just blessed my evening. Cheers, B
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    Las Vegas...

    There's always been an "us" and "them". I fear our nation is starting to draw that line on 'heritage'. We are coerced into distraction so effectively that we see our team winning as our country winning. No matter your jersey, we are playing in the same league. Cheers, B
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    Funky Jams for All! Post here!

    This is my favorite JAM ever. Cheers, B
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    What's your story.......?

    Some of these stories are touching. Thank you all for sharing. A theme I see is a life changing event. When my wife left, I started bonsai. I don't remember how or why. I have no recollection of what sparked it. I just remember, I wasn't playing with little trees, and then playing with little...
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    Beer and Bonsai

    Cheers my friend. B
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    Moving in Winter

    Alright! Looks like I have an excuse to get some dirt under the nails this weekend. Thank you for all the input. Cheers, B
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    Moving in Winter

    My neighbor is old, senile, hard of hearing and has told me to my face what she thinks people who look like me. Maybe 85 or so. Miss Ruth needs me. I'm her drama. Sad case and I hold no ill will towards her. i still scrape ice from her windows and leave a christmas gift. The cops were cool...
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    Moving in Winter

    I'm not going too far and the sunny back yard is in the MUST HAVE column. I've seen some amazing deals on homes but when I get there to have a gander, the backyard looks like a postage stamp. Rather give up the extra bedroom than a place I can grow stuff. Funny story, I had a visit from the...
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    Moving in Winter

    I really love living here in Central VA. Grew up here. My family is all here. When I moved from my first rental house and bought this one, it was 150 yards down the street and the same builder. I imagine I'll go no more than 10 minutes from my current location. Still going to hire some strong...
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    Moving in Winter

    I don't like digging hard, frozen dirt for sure! Cheers, B
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    Moving in Winter

    That was my thoughts actually. Issue being, the deciduous trees haven't dropped leaves so I wasn't sure if they were still metabolically useful to the roots. Cheers. B
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    Moving in Winter

    Howdy! Been working with the bank and a realtor and it looks like I'm going to be moving the family sooner than I had once planned. We might be packing up in the January/February time frame. Exciting right!? I have some trees in the ground. Bummer. Maples, Junipers, Elms. I'd very much like to...
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    Bald Cypress Bonsai - The Saint Kateri Tree - Video 1 of 3 Swamp Dig/Potting

    Great quality, Bill. Really good stuff. I saw you popped it up on reddit too. Good on ya. Shame about youtube demonetizing. I've been following all the drama around this from other content creators. Sounds like they're trying to use bots with generic rules when a case by case scenario would be...
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    The Van Meer Technique

    As I'm told, "Whiskey is for weekends, Beers are in between". This won't be the case after one retires. Cheers B
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    Problem: Our privacy and property laws never included the sky above our houses. New technology requires new laws and that's not a quick change we'll see. It takes a bunch of data before making decent decisions that aren't knee-jerk (ban em all) legislation. Why are drones so terrible but no one...
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