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    Pomagranite oak style

    Lots of red/orange flowers but the fruit never develops, it falls off early.
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    Pomagranite oak style

    I don't know why the first image turned on its side nor do I know how to correct it. Sorry.
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    Pomagranite oak style

    I have had this pom since 2012. The first photo shows it as I bought it and the second one is three years later. I hope that it will be ready for a bonsai pot next season.
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    Carving practice, suggestions needed

    I've had this juniper for several years. The only thing I have done wsa to remove some branches on one end and change the planting angle. I think it has a lot of potential, especially for carving, but I don't know which way to go with it. Any suggestions?
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    3 New Bonsai (Maple, Redwood, Golden Larch)

    I think you'll have some fun with these trees. Do you know if that is a dawn redwood or a coastal redwood. It's hard to tell from the photo.
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    Inspiring Trees in Nature

    I pass this oak everyday on the way to work. I finally decided to photograph it (and one more but my battery died).
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    Pom Potential?

    These are some Pomegranates that I purchased from an old and dilapidated nursery. They were about 5 bucks apiece so I thought I'd buy some to experiment with. I went back to following year to buy some more but the nursery had been replaced by vineyards... probably much more profitable. Do any...
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    Two identities

    A few weeks ago I posted here and also made the same post on Facebook. A Bonsainut member here asked why I had two identities, one on Facebook and one on BonsaiNut. I thought it careless of this member to post my name here, when it would seem obvious I that I rather not use my real name. I let a...
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    Frickin' Ficus

    This tree was given to me two years ago when the top half died in a frost. As shown, it has a double trunk. I cut on trunk way down hoping branches would pop up and I'd have a nice sumo. However, a new trunk popped up at its base. So currently I have three parts: 1) Originally stubby trunk which...
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    Bonsai as Carry on

    I will be transporting a grape vine bonsai by air later this week. Does anyone have experience taking a tree as carry on? I plan is to pack it as if I were going to ship it (but unsealed for inspection), just in case I can't take it as carry on (it is two inches too long) and have to check it...
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    Fertilizer Cakes, Circles and Squares

    KISS: Keep it simple, Stupid
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    I think it depends on various factors such as: Your climate, the species, your watering regime, your fertilizing regime. A third option in your poll could include: a mix of both. That's what I use most of the time.
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    African honeysuckle

    I was a little surprised by the flowering on this plant at this time of the year, but it was bright so I thought that I'd share it.
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    Excess sap on young JBP

    I bought this JBP earlier this week. When I got it home it had sap on the needles and I couldn't find where it was coming from. Does anyone have ideas what this might be or whether I should be concerned?
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    New Site Host

    Thanks for your extra efforts!
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