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  • Has anyone heard of using a refrigerated greenhouse to allow alpine species, like white pine, spruce, etc., to go through dormancy in places like Southern Florida? It's such a shame never to be able to enjoy a ponderosa pine or lodgepole down here. Cost aside, maybe two or three months in a refrigerated room or container, possibly with grow lights to allow a bit of photosynthesis would do the trick. Thoughts?
    Adair M
    Adair M
    I’m not going to say it can’t be done, after all Seaworld has a penguin display.

    But it’s totally impractical.
    Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut
    Several years ago I heard of a nursery up near Big Bear, CA that would allow you to overwinter trees that you would not normally be able to keep in Southern California due to winter requirements. I have no idea if the place still exists, and no more information other than one of my bonsai study group members heard about it. People certainly send their trees to bonsai masters to be cared for at their nurseries.
    Hi Greg, last night I put up 3 pics of a pyracantha on a 4 page thread (is that the correct term?) about them and don't see them today. Or any 4 pages about pyracantha's. Could this be something about the adjustments you've been making?
    Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut
    No... I have not done anything that would have deleted / edited someone's posts.
    Likes: Shima

    I hope all is well. I recently made my first post in what may be the incorrect location.

    I was wondering if I could potentially remove my post from the "Semi-Cascade" style forum? I think the post is more suitable for the "Suggestions/Feedback" forum. I am editing the title so may go ahead and post it in the "Suggestions/Feedback".

    Here is the post I'm looking to have removed:
    Making a long story short----I hope, I had to change my email and I am having problems doing so with the members services. If you could help me out here I would appreciate it.
    Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut
    Changed to Let me know if you have any problems.
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    since I don't have access to Akadama can I use crushed red bricks? As a carpenter they're all over the job site.
    Adding a thought to my comment. Perhaps a way, a column, or something that lets me put a Star or other symbol next to particular resource articles. Just a thought.
    Is it possible to "Bookmark" a particular article? Is there a way to save resource articles, more than one, of particular interest to a Read Later or other such holding area?
    Hi, I'm not certain if I'm the right place, if not, could you kindly send me a link? My name is Bill Valavanis, organizer of the 2016 5th US National Bonsai Exhibition. How can I get a photo on the main page where currently the old, last year's, GSBF Convention is? Could you kindly let me know?
    New carpeting! If you ever want to make a mess, recarpet your entire house. I've been cleaning and dusting non-stop for five days :)
    Greg...Just saw a variegated Elm for sale on Bonsai Classified FB page
    If I wanted to move my "Progressive Maple" thread from General to the maple I just cut and paste? Looks like pics need to be re-uploaded. Is that correct? Thanks much! BTW...I really like the new site:)
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