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  • Hi Greg, last night I put up 3 pics of a pyracantha on a 4 page thread (is that the correct term?) about them and don't see them today. Or any 4 pages about pyracantha's. Could this be something about the adjustments you've been making?
    Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut
    No... I have not done anything that would have deleted / edited someone's posts.
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    I hope all is well. I recently made my first post in what may be the incorrect location.

    I was wondering if I could potentially remove my post from the "Semi-Cascade" style forum? I think the post is more suitable for the "Suggestions/Feedback" forum. I am editing the title so may go ahead and post it in the "Suggestions/Feedback".

    Here is the post I'm looking to have removed:
    Making a long story short----I hope, I had to change my email and I am having problems doing so with the members services. If you could help me out here I would appreciate it.
    Bonsai Nut
    Bonsai Nut
    Changed to Let me know if you have any problems.
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    Adding a thought to my comment. Perhaps a way, a column, or something that lets me put a Star or other symbol next to particular resource articles. Just a thought.
    Is it possible to "Bookmark" a particular article? Is there a way to save resource articles, more than one, of particular interest to a Read Later or other such holding area?
    Hi, I'm not certain if I'm the right place, if not, could you kindly send me a link? My name is Bill Valavanis, organizer of the 2016 5th US National Bonsai Exhibition. How can I get a photo on the main page where currently the old, last year's, GSBF Convention is? Could you kindly let me know?
    New carpeting! If you ever want to make a mess, recarpet your entire house. I've been cleaning and dusting non-stop for five days :)
    Greg...Just saw a variegated Elm for sale on Bonsai Classified FB page
    If I wanted to move my "Progressive Maple" thread from General to the maple I just cut and paste? Looks like pics need to be re-uploaded. Is that correct? Thanks much! BTW...I really like the new site:)
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