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Feb 26, 2017 at 9:34 PM
Oct 26, 2006
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Retired young :)

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Bonsai Nut

Administrator, from OC, CA

New carpeting! If you ever want to make a mess, recarpet your entire house. I've been cleaning and dusting non-stop for five days :) May 11, 2015

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Feb 26, 2017 at 9:34 PM
    1. AlainK
      Montant du don : $15,00 USD
      Montant d'origine : €14,71 EUR
      Vers un montant de : $15,00 USD
      Taux de change : 1 Euro = 1,01971 Dollar USD
      Objet : Bonsai Nut Web Site
      Cotisant : Alain Krizic
    2. Vance Wood
      Vance Wood
      I am sure you are aware of the Trump thread. I was wondering if you were aware of the personal attacks that Stacey Allen Muse aka Sawgrass are posting?
    3. Vance Wood
      Vance Wood
      I am hoping that you can help me. My wife gave me an Android device and I have been trying to set up the thing so I can post on this site. I do not seem to be able to get it to let me on. It recognizes all of the information and proceeds to tell me that the user name and pass word are already in use. This; after asking if I have a current account?
    4. David Nelams
      David Nelams
      since I don't have access to Akadama can I use crushed red bricks? As a carpenter they're all over the job site.
    5. Jarod Perdichizzi
      Jarod Perdichizzi
      Hello? Im new to Bonsai nut. How do I begin to post some questions of mine?
    6. Tieball
      Adding a thought to my comment. Perhaps a way, a column, or something that lets me put a Star or other symbol next to particular resource articles. Just a thought.
    7. Tieball
      Is it possible to "Bookmark" a particular article? Is there a way to save resource articles, more than one, of particular interest to a Read Later or other such holding area?
    8. William N. Valavanis
      William N. Valavanis
      Hi, I'm not certain if I'm the right place, if not, could you kindly send me a link? My name is Bill Valavanis, organizer of the 2016 5th US National Bonsai Exhibition. How can I get a photo on the main page where currently the old, last year's, GSBF Convention is? Could you kindly let me know?
    9. Shima
      Can't get past "preview"
    10. Shima
      Having problems posting, where are the tutorials?
    11. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      New carpeting! If you ever want to make a mess, recarpet your entire house. I've been cleaning and dusting non-stop for five days :)
    12. ianb
      Greg...Just saw a variegated Elm for sale on Bonsai Classified FB page
    13. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      Going to Huntington Gardens today
    14. fraser67
      If I wanted to move my "Progressive Maple" thread from General to the maple I just cut and paste? Looks like pics need to be re-uploaded. Is that correct? Thanks much! BTW...I really like the new site:)
    15. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      Better mites on your trees than mites on your dogs!
    16. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      90 degrees... brrrrrr
    17. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      87 at 11:00 am... the winter that never was
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    18. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      Gonna be hot today... 84 already at 10:30
    19. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
    20. Bonsai Nut
      Bonsai Nut
      Sad... my son just broke his jaw
      1. Vin
        Ouch! Hope he's not in too much pain.
        Feb 10, 2015
      2. Cadillactaste
        Goodness! That's not good...not good at all! How in the world did he do that!?!
        Feb 10, 2015
      3. Brian Van Fleet
        Brian Van Fleet
        Ouch! Hope he is ok. This your swimmer son?
        Feb 10, 2015
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    Retired young :)
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    Bonsai, koi, Japaense gardens and gardening.


    As Abraham Lincoln once said, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet!
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