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  • HeY Steve.. Congradulations !!! Well to be quite honest I haven't got out much, Bonsai related.. spent last year refining my collection. my plans were to return to the Beach but a time warp has caught me and it looks like i will be moving to south Fl .. south central .. more toward the west side. I am over cold weather and working to keep my tropicals alive.. lost a few the passed winter and hope to be leaving here as soon as i can.. it got to late in the year to move there and set up for winter. I do hope to visit soon.. maybe early next year. Not sure on timing these days .. this will change after my move.
    Most of my siblings live there, Orlando area and Gainesville. Looking into starting a learning center.. Mary will be near-by and probably get involved to some degree.
    I am sure with you and Gerry holding the reigns, the club will have plenty of oportunity to learn and have fun doing it.
    Kudos to you both!
    Kind Regards,
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