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    A Furm Grip!!!

    Hans this is a great really spectacular. I wish I could get my jap white pine to have nebari like this! awesome Bonsaibill
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    Brussel's Bonsai Top Notch

    I used to buy from Brussell's but, the trees I have seen recently in their catalog are not worth my money. It seems they have given up on quality for a fair price. Bonsaibill
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    I learned something about Vance Wood

    Vance My family and I would also like to thank you and all the men and women who fight to keep us safe! I think we all take it for granted way to much. Bonsaibill
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    korean hornbeam

    hi dorothy, Now that I like very much! I will try and work from this virtual. Thank you. I kinda prefer the lower branch more horizontal like the one on the right. What do you think? again thanks bill
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    korean hornbeam

    Thanks Big Bill for the virts, I agree the lower branch is distracting maybe I need to create a new front and use the branch as a sacrafice or shorten it. I think it does have some really good possibilites. The pictures do not do this tree justice. bill
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    korean hornbeam

    Thanks Will I agree the root system is really unique and interesting to me also. I love the way the bottom part of the trunk kind of twist which I think also gives it some age appearance. Bill
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    korean hornbeam

    Thanks everyone I know I have some work to do on this tree but, It is about twenty years old so I don't know about the young appearance. I kind of wanted to create an older appearance. The root system is really unique and I think I can clean it up a little when I repot. The branch is...
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    korean hornbeam

    everyone's getting replys but me~
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    Great deal.

    Nice Larches I'm going to a workshop the end of this month on Larches so I hope to learn alot. Bonsaibill
  10. Kingsville_Boxwood1


    Kingsville Boxwood
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    Comment by 'bonsaibill' in media 'hb_front'

    Korean Hornbeam in progress.
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    Korean Hornbeam
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    korean hornbeam

    hi everyone, Here is a Korean Hornbeam that I'm working on- height 22 inches, width 15 inches; with a trunk of about 2 1/2 inches. Any suggestions on type of pot? or any suggestions at all would be appreciated! Please don't be afraid to tell me what you think. I am new at this and want to...
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    Field grown boxwood

    Will, That is really awesome! Thank you so much. Any suggestions on the tree? I'll get better at this with time. I was resizing my photos in photoplus maybe I need to install photoshop. I have a few other trees I would like to post in the near future. Bill
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    Field grown boxwood

    ok I will try to email the picture to you. Thanks for taking the time to do this for me! bill
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