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    Decomposed granite as substrate

    I would think watering would be a bitch.
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    hole in the base the Chinese elm

    I don't think that split will ever look right/good. GroundLayer that sucker just above the split. That's my vote.
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    "You have been warned"

    That's enough internet for today... πŸ˜‘
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    How big is your Trunk

    Nothing on my bench qualifies yet. I'm work'n on it damit. This shit takes time! I have a couple chunkers I am working on. Give me 5 more years.
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    Welcome. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Be sure to search out older posts. There is some great information and inspiration on this forum going back a decade.
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    Progress of my Murraya

    Looks cool, lots of branching and trunks. Post more pics in a couple months. What type of plant is this? My only suggestion would be to think about reducing those 1 or 2 branch/trunks that are right in the middle. They are a bit distracting. If those are much shorter you should get a...
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    Getting started? Newbie here.

    There are lots of websites and videos that are great for starting out. You don't absolutely need to buy any books. Try not to take criticism as personal attacks but accept it and ponder on how to fix the issues raised. The search bar here is great. Be prepared to read a lot though. Try...
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    Big box Ilex

    Stopped off at Home Depot to look around and found a new shipment of Ilex Vomitoria in 2gallon pots. All but one were junk. One however was worth the stop and the $15 bucks. 3 - 4 inch base in there. Keep checking those big box stores. You never know what you might find. Good luck out...
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    Bonsai or Not?

    If you were in Japan, I would say this doesn't have nearly enough tentacles to offend me. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‘πŸ˜“πŸ€πŸ˜¨
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    Satsuki question

    You must decide if you want to drop the money on it. I have had luck with young branch cuttings. A large clear plastic container does well to keep humidity high. Cuttings grew in perlite. NOTE:Next time I do this they will just go straight into the single containers with Kanuma like in the...
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    Japanese Holly best type of soil

    I have some Ilex Vomitoria (holly) that grow in just about anything. You just have to water accordingly.
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    Azalea Seed

    Not sure about seeds but cuttings are an option. I got almost 100% cuttings rooted off my first and only satsuki. Maybe buy a couple cheapish azaleas, take cuttings, grow for a year or two, then resell the parent plants?
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    A great bonsai club

    Bonsai Meeting at playgrounds so the kids run wild and I can get my bonsai fix more than once per quarter.
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    2018 from seed!

    Found a huge Hackberry had fallen in a local park last fall. Leaves were all gone and it was full of seeds, so I picked a bunch. Just one of my pots full of hackberry seeds.
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    Midnight Bonsai Society Apparel - "Ethics Schmethics"

    I am pretty sure that's true for almost any bonsai shirt. πŸ˜„