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    The New Growth Thread

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    Bending an Old Wisteria

    No flowers again this year, but enjoying the sunshine today.
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    Bending an Old Wisteria

    Bent it some more this winter.
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    NN - 10 years challenge

    Year 1 update, continued from post #10. Varying degrees of success... Started with 5 trident seedlings planted through plywood, one was eaten by my dog (rip), one looks pretty nice (last pic), and the rest are somewhere in between. I recently repotted these to cut the tap roots below the...
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    How many species do you have?!?!

    Trident Maple Chinese elm, x3 varieties Japanese maple, x3 varieties Hedge maple Crabapple American Hornbeam Wisteria Spirea Japanese holly Boston ivy Juniper, x2 varieties Japanese Black pine
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    Bonsai scam alert

    Agree. Hopefully @Stillwater responds to these allegations. Not a large market for 2k+ trees, and this is a great way to kill that side of his business.
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    HELP! My maples have worms!

    You can add some sevin powder to your fertilizer mix if you don't like them. But they are most likely harmless as others have pointed out.
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    You found it! Jimmy Hoffa's shoe!
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    Tri-bud Field Maple

    No cuttings, I just removed it. The branch that grew from that node after the chop had the normal 2 buds.
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    Tri-bud Field Maple

    I think it's a random mutation, happened on one branch on a trident I grew, I thought it was odd too. Take a look:
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    If you had $600 and wanted to buy

    So I vote for the one BVF posted from Evergreen
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    If you had $600 and wanted to buy

    They told me #2 is sold, that was around a month ago 😣
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    First day of Winter; should I repot?

    Why so obsessed with repotting on a schedule? Does the tree care about a few minutes +/- on sunset times?
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    Spanish Moss on Chinese Elm

    Here's a review of the topic if you're interested, pretty cool stuff.
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