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    Boon Training Series Videos

    Wonder if I could talk the local library into getting these..
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    Bonsai Talk Updates

    I miss BT alot, it's irks me the chat is still up and running but the site is down. I also like this place, the Vault site is good and IBC as well. BT was home though.
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    New Walter Pall Videos

    Yes very amazing.
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    New product......

    By hand of course, just takes a little elbow grease is all.:eek:
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    New product......

    Up until they came out with viagra it's all I used.;)
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    Home Depot and Brussel's Bonsai

    In a video that can be seen on youtube Brussels said that selling 500 trees per day was nothing out of the ordinary for them. Brussels is a tree supplier and started his own Bonsai business from the ground up and it's a business that can supply the demands of the market weather it be mallsais or...
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    "I thought he would never leave!"

    I didn't know he had passed until today. I spoke with Behr almost on a daily basis for about 5 years over at bonsaiTalks live chat, after his recent move I never had the chance to hear from him again. I had sent a few emails and PM's but never heard back from him. We had so much in common such...
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    Behr Scholarship

    A nice idea indeed. Until finding this post today I had no idea he had passed. Like many of his trees I am now hollowed.
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    thatched-hut stones

    That style of stone is hard to find, nice selections.
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    Hollow trunks on Ficus

    I very deeply hollowed out a (Taiwan Ficus) Ficus Benjimans a year or maybe it was two ago and both the tree and the hole are doing just fine. The ficus wood is light enough in colour I didn't bother with the LS but used a little ink to grey/dirty it up a bit so it would look more natural right...
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    My stone collection.......

    Nice stone! I like the overall shape and the waterfall very mucho!!
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    The Ultimate “Put Up or Shut Up” Challenge

    The answer is Brent from Evergreen Gardenworks.
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    Trip to Vonsgardens

    Well, did you bring any new trees home?:)
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    Trip to Vonsgardens

    Awe, you should have let me know you were coming to town, I would have enjoyed meeting you over an iced coffee or something.
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