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    Ground layering hawthorn?

    Did anyone come back about this? I bought what I thought was a shohin hawthorn, but when I got it home I disciovered that it has a massive tap root! I want to layer it, but I am trying to decide the best technique. I am tempted just to ring bark the root, dust it with root hormone and plant...
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    Pyracantha restyle/ repot

    I'd keep it taller, and I hope you removed those bits that were shooting up. I'd also thin out the crown and in particular remove the thickest branches there. You need to avoid the top thickening up much more (slow growers but they do thicken up where there are loads of leaves and thick...
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    An unusual Trident

    Lowest branch and root balance Interesting how the root you did not like in the first image seemed to balance out the thick lower branch. In the final image I feel that the tree needs more root/support on the side opposite the big lower branch for it to be balanced? I like the big...
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