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    Prunus Mume, Japanese Apricot from Seed

    Robert Growing mume from seed is relatively easy. The BEST way is to collect or acquire fresh fruit. Maybe someone on the list here can help with that. The reason is that you will have the highest germination rate from fresh fruit, and most often the seedlings resemble the parent (but not...
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    Evergreen Gardenworks

    Carol Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am waiting for it to bloom to make sure you get the right plant. As soon as it blooms, I will ship it to you. It will be in flower when you get it. Brent
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    Best grafting technique for pines?

    The side veneer graft is nearly universal for pines. The scion is cut into a wedge and a slit is cut into the understock. The long side of the wedge faces the understock and the short side faces the flap. It is not necessary for both side of the graft to match, one is good enough. Tie and seal...
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    How should I go about acquiring Blue Atlas Cedar?

    You need to know a little about grafting to understand what you are seeing in a 2 yr (very young) graft. JBP are almost universally grafted using a "side veneer" graft. That's what I do. You can read about this on our website in one of the articles. It is performed by making a slice down the...
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    How should I go about acquiring Blue Atlas Cedar?

    They're Babies! In a few years the bark from the scion will surround the stem and go right to the ground. I have large 'Brocade' where the graft is virtually undectible. The 'Brocade' will begin to bark up in just another year or two. I think you need to look at some more of the god awful...
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    Other JBP varieties

    We have been growing JBP cultivars for over twenty years. We have grown a couple from cuttings, but those are now only available as specimen plants. We still low graft what we consider the best cultivars for bonsai as two or three year well established grafts. They are not cheap, not like...
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    Fertilizing Sick Plants?

    I recently answered this question from a customer, and I spent so much time on it, I thought it might interest the group: It's not simple. You need to understand the role of fertilizer, it is not food. Food for plants is carbon dioxide, water, and light- to produce carbohydrates. Fertilizer...
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    Foliar Feeding - Myth?

    Hmmm, not quite true, probably and industry study. Roundup can enter exposed roots and also enter roots if the solution can penetrate the soil. Symptoms vary, but usually not fatal. The most common symptom is a distortion of the leaves. You don't see this much because a light spray on the...
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    hawthorn - not flowering....

    You may have to wait awhile. Most hawthorn species take twenty years or more to flower and fruit from seedlings. I have a row of them planted in the ground and after 25 years not all of them are flowering yet. The only thing that speeds the process that I know of is to put them in the ground and...
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    Yellow needle tips -SW white pine

    Sheesh. This is precisely why I recommend slip potting only until the next repotting and root pruning opportunity (next winter). Plenty of my customers are beginners, and as soon as you start making false assumptions and recommendations for even light teasing, you end up with the poor beginner...
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    Evergreen's Elms

    I am glad to see that my offerings have sparked some interesting and meaningful comments. I am in agreement with Bob Pressler on all points. Which isn't surprising since we are both growers. Nonetheless I would like to expand on many of the remarks made thus far: No, these are certainly not...
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    Evergreen's Elms

    Yes, depending on your browser, if you have visited recently or don't see the new trees, just refresh (reload) the page. Brent
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    Evergreen's Elms

    A number of folks have been asking me when some more new elms will added to our specimen catalog. I just finished adding quite a few, undoubtedly the best we have ever offered. Take a look: The specimen Shimpaku will be next, hopefully up...
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    Need some help identifying manufacturer of these shears

    Here's a pair that are the right length, but have curved handles: Brent
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    Unable To Access Evergreengardenworks Web Page

    It should be back up today. Thanks! Brent