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  • You lucky son of a gun! The daffs are just starting to pop up out from under the leaves up here and the snow drops and crocus just opened this week! Mother nature teased us with some warm weather last week, but now she's back down into the 20's at night (honestly, did she miss the memo that the end of March is supposed to be milder than the beginning? I'm thinking of a lion and lamb here...)

    Yeah, I did go to "Wagomo" for a time, but that was years ago and not so good memories - small town mentality doesn't really help out a kid who's interested in art and culture and bonsai. But all that junk's in the past, and now I enjoy hiking out in the woods and looking for potential bonsai material when I'm not brewing or beekeeping. Oops, gotta throw another log on the woodstove!


    I have taken my wife (from Ohio then Georgia) and my 2 sons to Kent Falls 3 or 4 times, but only once during the Summer, the other 2 or 3 times in the Winter. We enjoyed the Falls(and ice) very much. I used to fish the Garbage Hole just south of the covered bridge in (West?) Cornwall all the time.

    Did you go to Wamogo?

    My Aunt(from Waterbury) and Uncle(from North Adams, Ma) have been on Charlotte, NC for about 50 years now. They invited me to visit 22 years ago and like every other Damn Yankee, I decided to stay. FYI, your a Yankee if you visit, a Damn Yankee if you stay. Met my wife here 19 years ago and have been married to her for 18, so the South has done me right. Also, I have been enjoying daffodil, camellia and forsythia blooms for over a month already this year, so there's another plus on the South's side.

    I began growing Bonsai after I moved here, so no issues with moving a collection.

    Stay warm!
    Hi Martin,

    No kidding, how'd a Nutmegger like you end up in the Carolinas??? (j/k I've had relatives that have done that move too, oddly enough!)- Born and raised in Warren since 1983 - I just put NW CT because I've always sorta' considered the woods of Litchfield county my home, and not just one town. Currently though, I'm "up" in the Cornwall area not too far from Kent Falls (one of my favorite parks, but I'm so bummed b/c they've got it closed for renovations) Know the Bantam area well, had a few highschool friends from around there - good times! Also like to haunt Steeprock and White Memorial in Litchfield. Haven't been to Whiteflower in a while, but thanks for reminding me about it - I 'll have to see if they've got any promising nursery stock this year... So how are things south of the Mason-Dixon for a Yank like yourself? Did you have to move your bonsai down there or did you start your collection in the sunnier state?

    Best regards,
    Hi brewmeister83. I am originally from Watertown, CT. Born in 1968, moved to North Carolina in 1992. Used to hunt and fish in NW CT. Fished the Bantam River, Bantam Lake, the Housatonic and Salmon Rivers, and hunted Mohawk and Music Mountain. My favorite garden center is still The White Flower Farm. Please don't answer if you want to keep it private, but where in CT do you live?
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