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  • Hi Ron,
    Thanks, and I'm glad you like the tree! This is a great forum to get people inspired, and for a little informed help if you need it. Enjoy!
    Hey, Brian
    I really like the seiju I got from you. You always have such good trees. Thanks, Ron Dennis
    Yeah, it was nice to meet you too. I was pleasantly surprised with the tree, and have since made numerous changes. I think I will repot it before I post it. Trees that large are hard to take good pictures of... Hope to see you there again! -=Brian=-
    Hey, Brian,
    Good to meet you at the club meeting last night. Congratulations on winning the demo tree. I'm jealous. It's a nice bunjin and the fact that it was styled by Kathy Shaner makes it that much better. You should post it on here and brag it up! That's what I'd be doing anyway. :)

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