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    Bonsai Meme War

    Thanks for that was pretty funny
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    What cars are you using when collecting yamadori?

    Toyota Prius........ don't ask.....
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    Azalea contest 2020-2025

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    Azalea contest 2020-2025

    Haha I am going to be a late starter because I have to find a tree when I get back to Korea
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    Gamauji Bonsai Online Competition: Win some snazzy golden shears

    Most around the world tour of the golden shears.....sounds like a fun idea
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    Study Bonsai in Korea

    The last news I heard is the only trees there exist for the sake of the 'dear leader' and the majority of their forests have been burned in the kilns. The people were so hungry in the last few famines that they ground pine tree bark to extend their flower ....... Wouldn't be hopeful that the art...
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    Japanese Red Pine (not a bonsai)

    That thing breaks so many rules and still manages to look gorgeous. Give me 3 hours with that and you would have a very valuable tree. (Not that it isn't awesome already). Thanks for sharing PS this is my fav species
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    Study Bonsai in Korea

    The first course will probably be aimed at a foundation to intermediate level. The core basics of proper wiring skills (lots of it🤣) , horticultural and botanical knowledge, soils as per species, knowing how to fertilise what and when etc etc etc
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    Study Bonsai in Korea

    Thanks I am still working on putting everything together. The course will be in Korea not online. The teachers would be Masters from the Korea Bonsai Association and of course I will be there.
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    Study Bonsai in Korea

    So I had a meeting with the President of the Korean Bonsai Association and others in the Association and have the go ahead to make an English language bonsai course in Korea. It would be the first such course and I am how accepting expressions of interest. Please let me know if you would be...
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    Boxwood repotting

    Maybe the species you have. The ones we do dont
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    Seka Hinoki trouble

    I have had another look at the original pics. Cypress tends to die from the inside out due to shading. The dead tips tell me that this tree was already not particularly a happy chappy. Repot and prune 2020 makes me suspect that the new owner would do so, the tree obviously already dying would...
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    Boxwood repotting

    Remember to treat boxwood like pine. If you remove all the foliage from a branch you will have deadwood. Also take it easy with the bends as boxwood is very hard and prone to snapping
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    Did I let my Ficus get too Cold?

    Repotting in spring sounds like a good plan. The new growth seems fairly healthy so it should be just fine with a little tlc spring next year.
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    JWP Help

    I concur. I don't see how that is going to reduce for an upright style within a single lifetime without potentially killing the tree. Cascade seems to where its at . ..
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