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    kumquats soon, cherokee purple heirloom

    That's not a cherokee purple tomato.
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    Shinpaku progression / skills check in 2021

    While I agree that the earlier you can set structure appropriately, the better off what you build will be, right now that poor structure is going to facilitate backbudding. Those backbuds can then be simplified and structure set. I would NOT remove any more branching or foliage on this tree...
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    Shinpaku progression / skills check in 2021

    You've probably seen the first. The first time I saw the 2nd & 3rd, it finally clicked for me. (Remember, they're in Japanese so left-to-right.)
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    Shinpaku progression / skills check in 2021

    Your tree has plenty of wire on it. Now you just need to develop the pads. Pads need to be layered into place. The structure you have would be more appropriate for a deciduous tree. Wiring the branches down and splaying them out so that they can reach sunlight easily will cause the tree to...
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    Loropetalum cuttings

    I've got a handful of them growing on the edge of my property. The "sweet little lady" next door, knowing full well where the property lines were, planted them 10 feet into MY property. When it came time to have some trees removed I had a discussion with my neighbors and found out that the...
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    Loropetalum cuttings

    I had no problem getting high percentage to root from hardwoods in Jan/Feb.
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    To the place of my birth...

    A couple of years back we drove to Va. Beach for a few days, then drove down the NC coast to Wilmington before heading back to God's Country. Colonial Williamsburg was a lot more interesting than I thought it could be, ...and when some dignitary whose name escapes me (I don't THINK it was...
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    Bottom heat with collected trees

    If I were you, I'd protect the rootballs from dipping below about 32-33°F until about January. Then I'd raise the temp for the rootballs to about 40°F, maybe as high as 45°F. While the rootball temp increases, make sure to keep the above-ground portion exposed to cool temps. You want the...
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    Late summer conifer repot in 8b, bad idea?

    Unless you think the trees are going to suffer drastically before you're able to do it at the proper time, I'd hold off until spring. I'm willing to concede that people have reported successes repotting trees in the summer, but they're usually in colder climates and they usually do it earlier...
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    Japanese Maple Styling

    1) You're going to have a hard time getting the crotch angles set w/o introducing rainbows/arcs that will distract from the image you're trying to create. 2) I'm not convinced that tree's died back as far as it's going to. Make sure its growing healthy before you start making plans on...
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    Anyone Ever Root Graft Amur Maple?

    Are you planning to scion graft roots into place? Approach? Thread?
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    My “nearly dead” JBP is recovering!

    How are you going to protect it?
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    What 3 Tools Do You Use the Most & Why?

    Jin pliers, wire cutters (...and wire), and scissors.
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    Inverse Trunk Juniper

    Sorry I didn't get to respond to your other post on this yesterday. I was going to respond, then you said you were going to post this thread ...and I couldn't find it. The fix to this inverse taper issue (as the tree exits the ground) is to allow unrestrained growth of the top branch(es). In...
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    Shimpaku 9.15.21

    You've got all fall and winter to decide on the best front for this tree. Don't repot 'til spring.
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