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    Shohin J. Maple

    But what's that got to do w/ my shohin japanese maple? :)
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    Shohin J. Maple

    Repotted. It took a lot more pruning than I'd expected. There were plenty of roots left, but I cleared out to almost right up under the trunk. I got rid of downward facing roots, crossing roots, and wrong-facing roots.
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    Pretty raw Trident

    I know I really need to get rid of it.
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    Pretty raw Trident

    I repotted it yesterday out of some pretty dense soil. It actually has REALLY nice flare under the soil, but I kept the nebari you see to tie it in. The base is completely flat as well. (Lava, akadama, pumice, and 8822.)
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    African Cichlid Aquarium

    If you're interested in some really pretty feeder fish for them, I've got some pretty nice guppies.
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    Sources for Bonsai Trees

    Call Green Thumb. Whats on the site is a pittance compared to what he has.
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    Chinese Elm stagnant growth

    Soil is a big issue, but once you've got that sorted, you need to look into how to secure the tree into the pot so that you don't have to keep repotting it. Here's one of the best resources I've seen on the topic:
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    Cutting back this nursery Japanese Magnolia

    This one looks pretty good out of leaf though.
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    N. Maybe Z. Anybody else see it?
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    Water Oak

    The leaves look like Q. phellos, willow oak. Granted, its pretty young and the leaf shape could change. I've also read that water and willow oaks hybridize readily though.
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    Napa Oil Dry part no. 8822

    I was given several bags of NAPA #8822 this year and I sifted one bag. I got less than half that seemed to be usable that didn't go thru my smallest sifting screen. Does anyone have pictures of rootballs that were growing in this stuff?
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    Plant city bonsai

    His site doesn't make that distinction.
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    Sourcing American pots.

    @Leo in N E Illinois, got a lead on getting any of those from a source along the east coast ...or'd you just pay thru the nose for shipping?
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    Over styling a Bonsai...

    From my earlier quoted piece.
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