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    Japanese White Pine JWP Literati progression

    Is this one grafted? (The trunk, an inch or two up from the base.)
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    Ebihara maples

    Also, a study in branch construction, if you’ll allow me to throw the thread back a couple pages...
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    Ebihara maples

    I took too long of a nap after a tornado warning yesterday afternoon, so couldn't sleep last night. Instead I read through this thread. All. 29. Pages. There were a couple of things that weren't exactly clear. 1. On spring growth that is allowed to grow rampant, interior leaves are...
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    Do JBP backbud easily

    I've been told jRp backbud more than jBp. I think there are some US natives that probably backbud as strongly/easily as jbp too.
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    JBP how many flushes are possible?

    @River's Edge, that's a fantastic resource. I thought that I've read all of bonsaitonight ...but folks keep posting articles from there that I've missed. Thanks. @NateDavHCBTX, In general, to get more flushes, decandle earlier. If you have normally decandled July 1, try late May. The next...
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    Sharing a Ponderosa in Development

    I've spent a bit of time searching for Ponderosas being repotted and there are very few pictures of the rootballs. That said, those that I was able to find don't seem to show any visible mycorrhiza. I was expecting to see lots of white fungus holding the rootballs together, but that doesn't...
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    Cheapo Box Store Spruce

    Without knowing any better, I removed at least 1/3 of the foliage of a Birdsnest Spruce last year. It sat for most of the rest of the year. I've (hbr) repotted it this spring into Lavadamice™ and it seems to be (back) budding well. It didn't seem to have any sunburn or death. I can't say if...
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    local pine species not often used- Pinus Sabiniana

    I'm certainly not the resident Pine expert on the forum, but since no one else is engaging, I'll offer my thoughts. I wouldn't touch this tree for the rest of the year. Fertilize it and give it plenty of sun, ...and don't let it dry out completely ...but do let it dry some. Next spring, I'd...
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    Sharing a Ponderosa in Development

    Then why isn't there any visible mycorrhiza(l fungus)?
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    local pine species not often used- Pinus Sabiniana

    For a recently collected tree that's not had any bonsai technique applied, I'm not particularly daunted by the foliage. I think you should definitely give it a shot. Where are you? In what general location does this tree live? Coastal? Mountain? Wetlands? You get the idea.
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    Sharing a Ponderosa in Development

    Do Ponderosas not generally foster/support Mycorrhiza?
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    Japanese maple #5 progression

    I probably should've kept the comment to myself, but Sergio seems to put more than a little bit of effort into photographing his trees and I think this suggestion would benefit the image by providing just a bit of separation between the backdrop (which he's now telling me isn't a backdrop) and...
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    Japanese maple #5 progression

    I don't have anything to add to the thread that will interest most folks here. The tree is stellar, and your ideas of what to do with it are better than any I have. Would you be willing to experiment the next time you photograph this tree against a dark background, by placing a light under the...
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    pre bonsai Mark

    I was just about to jump in and defend the guy until I saw who posted.
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