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    Common Myrtle

    Nice tree :) I really like where it is heading. One thing though that I noticed that bothers me is the lower left branch - mainly because of how small it is. Furthermore, when I look at the tree this branch seems to throw off the balance of the tree by moving the center of the tree more to the...
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    Front page? Or directly to the forums?

    same as everyone else - front page, new posts
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    Where Oh Where has our BT Gone

    Is anyone else having trouble getting on to BT still... it still says the server is busy everytime i try.. what am i doing wrong
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    New Years Thoughts and Plans

    Well right around now is about the time that I first became interested in bonsai, and this spring will be my first full year with a tree. I have been really blessed to be a part of this community and bonsaitalk, without them I probably would never have continued with bonsai, it would have been a...
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    1st Rhododendron

    here's my experience, found a rhody, dug it up with a ton of roots, chopped it like crazy till there was nothing left but two main trunks, no leaves or anything, stuck it in a pot that it barely fit in, a couple days later, attacked it and took off a bunch of the roots, potted it up again so it...
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    1st Rhododendron

    search on google and this site, as well as BT :) if you want advice on styling or what to do with the tree, try posting a picture :)
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    Acer rubrum: root-over-rock

    i agree, i really like the pot in the picture, that sandy yellow color is nice and i like the way it looks with the rock and tree :) nice tree by the way :)
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    Can you graft Satsuki to a Rhodedendron

    i've been wondering the same question.... anyone know if ti would work or not?
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    Escallonia (Yamadori?)

    Thanks, i appreciate your honesty :) anyways, it was free material, something to practice on being a newbie and all... i was looking at it today, there is more of the trunk below the soil than shown in the picture and it does get wider...i also think the other side of the plant which isn't shown...
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    ID that bush

    Haha thanks weeble, its good to know that it's hard to kill, since my newbieness can do bad things sometimes :)
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    Escallonia (Yamadori?)

    So here is (what i think to be) and Escallonia that i dug up out of my backyard yesterday. THe previous owners of the house had planted it i guess and it was hidden behind other plants etc. so i dug it up. (does this count as yamadori if its from my backyard? - i've never touched it or anything...
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    ID that bush

    One more thing - if anyone has any care guides for Escallonia (if that is what this is) or knows anything about caring for them and could let me know that would be great. Thanks again everyone :)
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    ID that bush

    Ok it's all dug up and potted in a huge pot. Ugh i'm going to be sore tomorrow... i hope it lives... I think i got a pretty big root ball... there was no tap root, which has a relief, unless i just somehow managed to get the whole thing since it was pretty much planted on a huge cement slab...
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    ID that bush

    Ok so i talked to my parents and apparently the bush does get pinkish flowers on it. so we'll say :) maybe it is escallonia :) thanks for your help... i'll have to wait till it flowers to confirm, but we'll see.. it's taking me forever to dig the thing up, it's right on top of a million water...
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    ID that bush

    no, it's not an azalea... it doesn't get any berries, and i don't think it flowers... if this information helps any.. other have suggested escallonia, japanese holly, and winterberry... anyone got any other guesses ... oh I don't know if it helps or not, but i've noticed that many of the...
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