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    Chinese Quince (Pseudocydonia Sinensis) leafing out way early

    I've got one too. I got it from Bjorn and he told me if would start to leaf out right after Christmas - and it definitely did. So I think this is pretty much standard for the leafing time. Mine is covered in leaves now as well.
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    Advice on first forest planting?

    An example of what A. is referring to for the pot setup.
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    Where to get a live oak

    They currently have a large selection of laurel and live oaks in stock
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    American Bonsai experience

    Use a phone
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    bonsai turn table

    So this is my main spot, the covered table is an old office chair so it spins with tools and such. I usually have my tools nicely laid out on it but I had everything packed up a few weeks ago for a bonsai trip. The other end is the relaxing side another barber chair work table and the two...
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    bonsai turn table

    They are 2ft premade round tops from home depot. They are the perfect size for me. If doing a small tree I can set a standard black turntable top on one side to get it closer to me. Plus I also have a bunch or little 'risers' made that can be strapped down to get everything to any height no...
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    Need suggestions on yaupon

    Yep, easily
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    Need suggestions on yaupon

    I would cut it back hard and prune and wire new shoots as they pop before they lignify.
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    Brazilian Rain Tree

    For developing tropicals I use half bonsai mix and half potting soil. Since you aren't cutting any roots and it will be kept warm you can pot it anytime. I would use a large low pot, make a box, or use a flat. Very little pruning while growing out.
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    Brazilian Rain Tree

    A large, relatively deep pot. Richer soil. TONS of fertilizer.
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    Inherited Trident - Ideas for improvements?

    I would layer off this tree. Then I would work on building something new with the original tree left behind. Leaving the one branch will make sure the base tree lives and then you can do something. Grafts, new tree design, etc. The top should make a very nice tree.
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    Bjorn Bjorholm Speaks Out On Hedge Pruning

    I think the evidence is pretty clear. I mean how would anyone think that these two 'result' are even close to equal. The correct 'Japanese' technique seems to be so clearly superior. I am very surprised that Walter Pall would think he's 'doing it better'. It's definitely an easier and faster...
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    Bougainvillea collecting (yamadori) check list

    Bougie collection method. 1. Drive around looking for stumps ripped out and curbed on trash collection day. 1a. Use car to yank out any I like. 2. Chuck stumps in back of car. 3. Drop huge rootless stumps in large pots filled with any soil avail. 4. Stick it anywhere. 5. Bougie grows like...
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    Massive Green Island Ficus

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