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  • Hello.
    Starting a tree conservatory/winter garden in the mountains of British Columbia. Hoping to shape some Coastal fir, Western Red Cedar, Canaan
    Fir and Fake Cypress into different shapes. Hopefully, this will add a little more character to this incredibly beautiful place.
    The goal: Bending and twisting them. Wing shape look.
    Another idea is to make a tree tunnel.
    One of my problems is that I must use trees that are from British Columbia or recognized as semi-local.
    Western Red Cedar is local.
    In certain areas the view of the glaciers must remain. I was thinking of shaping some of the tree now to keep the view.
    Can I work with Western Red, or the above species to create tree tunnels and shape them.
    Additionally, there is a small quantity of what appears to be Limber pine. It looks so cool. Can I twist them a little? Would it be advisable to start with one footers and cut a tiny pit in may and bend to shape.
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