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    Pigletts Progress

    Looking awesome Judy
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    XXL Trident

    Big Trident Judy you made an excellent purchase from Don Blackmond. I thought about buying the trident, but I see I waited to long. I have purchased many trees from Don. You can't go wrong. Keep us updated. Art
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    Acer P.

    Judy beautiful maple
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    Large specimen quality trident

    Try Don Blackmond at Gregorybeachbonsai
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    What do you want?

    Shohin/Mame trident with a melting nebari.
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    Top 5 Personal Bonsai Collections in the U.S.

    Why did Dale sell his collection?
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    How did your trees fare in this summer's weather ?

    My tridents, hedge and amur maples did great. Some of my Japanese maples didn't take well to this year's heat wave and dry humidity. Than I discovered my prize Japanese maple, I think, has vert wilt. It started at the apex so I cut back. The disease is still spreading. Any recommendation on...
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    Brazilian Rain Tree - Leaves Drying & Dropping...Will it Recover

    First never wire a BRT. They scar easily. Use guide wiring. Secondly make sure you have well draining soil, but they like moist soil. Denver is a tough climate for BRTs. I have one that I have owned for 15 years. During the winter months I bring it in my home. The leaves will turn yellow...
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    Unidentified tiny leaf mountain laurel

    Show a picture
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    Trident Maple - 5-28-12

    Alex nice trident. Excellent nebari. I reviewed your cut lines. If it were my tree I would cut as you recommended the left branch and the one next to it. Work on the tree thereafter as a slant style only my opinion. But by all means keep updated on this beauty. Art
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    Outstanding shohin white pine pre stock

    Hello...I am a deciduous/tropical bonsai person. Your white pine looks great. Keep us updated.
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    Nor Cal Bonsai nursery's?

    Try Lotus bonsai bonsai near Placerville.
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    Kiyohime happiness

    Nice looking kiyohime. I also love kiyohime as well as kotohime maples. Keep us posted with future pics. Art
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    Acer Palmatum repotted with root graft

    Awesome, beautiful ramification
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    Anderson Flats
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