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    Root Growth: Soil vs Bonsai Soil

    Rude people on both sides of the debate SUCK really hard. In a bad way. Childish actually. If the following discussion seems condescending to you, (you are already aware of this information and already agree or disagree with it) it is not meant to be and is not meant for you anyways. I’ll...
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    Big Ol' Boxwood

    Definitely not a boxwood. None of my yaupons have serrated leaved but that definitely looks like some kind of holly. If it’s a variety as vigorous as a yaupon, you can do much more aggressive branch/trunk reduction now. Getting it’s basic structure in place now will save you years down the road...
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    Kinzu (Golden Bean kumquat)

    They reproduce like rabbits from every seed. Don’t worry about sprouting them. Simply separate from pump, plant during warm weather in free-draining mix, grow. Almost 100% germination from my experience. Do not let the seeds dry out before planting!!
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    Rose Bush?

    Here’s my Lady Banks rose. I love it in late winter. I totally defoliate it and trim it back. It’s winter silhouette reminds me so much of an Ume (plum). Branches hate to be wired. They seem to wither and die anytime I put wire in it, so I just apply clip and grow.
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    Black Pine Seedling Cuttings

    These JBP are the only pines I’ve ever grown. So I don’t have any other experiences with pines.
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    Trying To Make A Broom

    I stumbled upon a broom development technique for vigorous growers like cedar elm and crepe myrtle. I use it exclusively now. I grow the trunks immediately rubbing off any shoots that attempt to break within the final trunk zone during the initial growth phase. This allows for a prestine final...
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    Black Pine Seedling Cuttings

    I have 29 5-year old JBPs grown from seed. A handful of them are pushing out a 3rd flush this year without having been decandled this year! They were all severely root pruned and up potted to 9” pond baskets with 1:1:1 APL mix. They all received their first hard chop back of their main leaders...
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    Is this D.E. any good?

    The same company mines, sizes, bags most DE on the market in US. Sift that brand for sure. Lots of powder that will clog and keep your soil too wet. Unless you want that. I used it. It works great. I switched to the O’Rielly brand. Slightly larger particle size but still needs to be sifted to...
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    Is Bonsai Mirai Live Worth $300/year?

    I strongly disagree with all your points. I’ve watched every bit of video content he has put out so far.
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    Is Bonsai Mirai Live Worth $300/year?

    Worth every penny! Been reading and consuming every bit of bonsai content I can find since 1989. (I have every edition of Bonsai Today for example.) My large collection has improved leaps and bounds in less then one year of Bonsai Mirai consumption. If this content was available when I began, I...
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    A Box Full Of Roots

    If they are not in optimal health, I would up-pot with good soil, fertilize like crazy all season. Then do all this aggressive root work right as buds start to swell in Spring. I would go even flatter if at optimal health. 1 inch.
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    A Box Full Of Roots

    Cut more. Flat as possible. About 2- 3 inches should work great. I prefer to do this work right as bud are swelling for first Spring flush.
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    Azalea beast

    I have a ton of azaleas. They don’t respond like all my other trees. One huge aggressive initial hard pruning and root cleaning as described above upon collection as super healthy specimens is the only way I’ve had success long term. If you do plan on future heavy root cleaning, make sure you...
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