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    Help/Suggestions with Maples that I took cuttings from today...

    I collected cuttings from several varieties of Japanese Maple today. I found online a technique that had given some people success and went with that. Do you guys have any suggestions from personal experience that might help me get a higher success rate. I stripped and split the ends of the...
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    Help me identify these please :)

    Is it ok that I cut the tap root on them? I left as many of the fine roots as possible!
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    Help me identify these please :)

    Thanks! Thanks a ton for the information. I really hope that I didn't dig them up too late. They were in a VERY shaded area from tree cover where I found them. I didn't see what looked like any new growth on them from this year yet. So let them dry out somewhat between waterings, give them some...
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    Help me identify these please :)

    So I found these guys in the woods near my apartment. Thought they had a lot of potential for a small forest and so I made it happen. What do you guys think and what do you think they are? THANKS for any help you can give!! Cheers! Also any tips on the care of these particular trees would be...
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    Trident getting reworked into an impressive tree

    Wow, man that thing is looking great.
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    Trident maple stock is popping.

    Looking Good Oooooh man those are looking nice. Going to be some beautiful trees.
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    New to Bonsai and Eager to Learn. Maple question inside.

    Hi guys. I have been playing around a little bit with Bonsai and am loving it. So far I have done a couple junipers, a sweet broom, and I am working on a Maple Stump(not sure what kind). This Maple was growing for a long time next to the building that I work in and I guess the management cut it...
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