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    Bristle Pinecone care

    I live in seattle, where mom nature loves to water heavily all year round with the exception of about 3 summer months. I have 3 BC's and they do just fine with my standard soil of a third each of pummice, volcanic, akadama( standard for my pines.) I put low numbered organic fertilizer in tea...
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    Spring in M. Hagedorn's Garden

    Yes, traffic is becoming a nightmare even at non drive times. Just know your always welcome. My wife knows some good shopping spots :)
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    Suitable bonsai soil on a budget

    I find buying the best soil as a group helps reduce costs and provides excellent KNOWN results. wasteing years in experimentation, can be more costly in the end run... In trees and monetary endeavors. a similar topic that I enjoy is special mineral additives purchased with the intent of doing...
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    Spring in M. Hagedorn's Garden

    On your way south on I-5 in Washington state, you were 5 minutes from my house at the federal way HWY 18 exit. :( Next trip down, plan a visit and I'll give you a tour of the Pacific Bonsai Museum. Michael was a former sensei, someone I consider a good friend, and equiped with a unique laugh...
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    LOL, fun thread to read thru. I think it's important to learn the correct japanese pronunciation. And bonsai as a hobby is not exclusive to improperly pronounced verbage. As a koi nut for over 40 years, there is a five colored carp called "go-she-key". The brits pronounce it "gosh-key". So don't...
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    kusamono instructor Young Choe

    good deal...glad your were impressed with her as well...
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    I liked that pot too

    I have two katsura's as bonsai. One a dwarf and the other full sized. But then they're not maples....:) I do like the look of the maple because it has that branch location referred to as "mother- daughter". A style that I deeply appreciate. My styling preferance would be to avoid a deeper...
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    kusamono instructor Young Choe

    last year our NW region had the opportunity to see this teacher at several learning opportunities and she even went on to create companion plants for the Artisan's cup. I had the opportunity to take a class from her at The Pacific Bonsai Museum. It was excellent.... Reason I mention it here...
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    From my time "in grade", round pots may have been made to allow the tree as it matures along with your eye to be enjoyed as to where we find the best view at the time. As indicated by the others who posted ahead of me, the longer one works at devloping the perfect tree from numerous angles, the...
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    First forest planting

    For others seeking helpful information on this subject, I totally recommend the book by Saburo Kato entitled...Forest, rock planting & Ezo Spruce. It has extensive drawings, which are mosr helpful. I bought the book to get information on Ezo and was delighted when my interest later went to...
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    Chopped up Chojubai

    design/styling is such a personal thing, that it's hard to suggest anything different as it just would reflect one's own likes only. I do feel that the length of your design should be shortened back to where the first branch crosses over into the foreground. However, I'm struggling with the...
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    stones on exhibit

    At the Pacific Bonsai Museum, Federal Way Washington. The 30 stones ( or so) were juried today and will be set up at the end of this month to run thru the end of april. This annual event is sponsored by the stone group within the Puget Sound Bonsai Association. The exhibit is held in two glassed...
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    first quince bloom ever. iwai nishikinishiki

    Nice to see others "hooked" on the fantastic little #2 bloomer heralding spring right behind ume. You'll have fun looking for the right colored ceramic pot to contrast with. So often I see blue used with the red but actually I like a nice white pot with red colored blooms.. My chinese quince is...
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    Privet Forest?

    coupla thoughts as you begin the work of establishing a forrest. Once new growth hardens off you may want to try and get some smaller diameter trunks started by clipping and rooting some new trees. I find to create depth of field in forrests you need atleast three different sizes of trunks...
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    First forest planting

    The beauty of forests is they can be adjusted into the future. So you have a start. I do feel the spacing comment is leggit. I'd also like to see in the ring around the biggest tree, another smaller caliper along the outside, to give more of a sense of depth of field. With the trees to the left...
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