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    Acer palmatum

    The tree is happy, the black tips where from the chilly wind we had. Make sure you have a design in your head, so you can interact when certain branches are too thick or straight. For te rest, let it grow as you are doing. Not all people can wait long enough to cut. Good job.
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    I don't like yew.

    Nice bones...
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    Repot Scots this year?

    Draining is one thing, evaporation trough needles is the other one. Don't mess with it for at least 1 year. If the plastic pot is somewhat floppy, don't move it. With a very draining mix it is sometimes difficult to keep the right part of the rootmass damp. Sylvestris is strong so let's hope...
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    Japanese maple #5 progression

    Ready for the spring leaves... don't let us wait...
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    Finally, a big trident project

    Nice evolution.
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    Stimulating backbudding on scots pine.

    When the goal is to thicken the trunk i would leave as much needles as possible. It is always choosing between growth and preserving backbudding or small branches. For this reason pines are often developed with sacrifice branches. You can find more info about this on the site of Jonas...
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    1st hemlock - Tsuga canadensis 'Golden Splendor'

    Sorry, I do not own a hemlock. This material is young so let is grow and cut back with some escape branches from time to time. It's not easy material, but the foliage is lovely. Have fun...
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    Hawthorn, Crataegus laevigata

    I love to see native trees with a history. This tree is even more impressive in real live. There are a few styling options for the future. I think the tree is happy and that's the most important thing. Love this massive female brute.
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    taxus baccata (English Yew) (2009 - 2012 repot - break- 2018 - ...)

    Late reply. I collected the tree in summer. All big branches removed, here and there a dot of green. The first photo's are what grew in late summer. Still need to repot and restyle this tree. The wire is still in there, i must take some time to look if i can still find it...
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    The Trophy XXI February 29 - March 1 Bnut meeting

    Saturday 29th at 12 is great for me. I'll be there. Looking forward to it. The show will be different this year.
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    Dirk Hoorelbeke 6y JBP entry

    This spring, a year after germination.
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    Dirk Hoorelbeke 6y JBP entry

    Time for an update again. Went inactive for a while... left at this point: Total 90: Top row are planted in pond basket and peat / perlite. I've put one in the middle on the ground to compare the size. 20 in perlite / peat in pond baskets. They are large (25 to 40cm), dark green with enough...
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    Carpinus betulus, Hornbeam nebari

    The tree was left to grow until now. I found a fast way to wire branches. Only wire the branches you need...
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    Arakawa Japanese Maple

    I love Arakawa ans the soft image of the branches brings out the best of this tree. Stunning
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    Kiwi’s Big Yew Project.

    I'm not an expert but i follow the advice of leatherback. This growing season had small growing shoots (obvious on the photo). The tree had just enough roots to transport water, extend the bud (with the energy to do that already stored in them) and survive warmer temps. You can predict the first...
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