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    Big Mugo pine, 'garden-dori'

    Update from today, June 14 2020. No pruning done yet.
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    Collected white pine

    We have scots, Nigra and occasionally strobus. Non are native, but do well in our climate
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    Collected white pine

    As far as know, Pinus Cembra is not local! I have one, but that was collected in the Alps, on high altitude
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    Shohin Cotoneaster

    Cotoneaster is pretty cold hardy. And due to climate change we didn't have a decent winter last 22 years.
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    Shohin Cotoneaster

    Bought it as a start plant, grown for bonsai. See first picture in this thread.
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    Shohin Cotoneaster

    So cool this Flowers and berries, both on my tree!
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    Sticky stuff

    at least you show photos........😁
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    Mugo Pine from seed. Any success with the seedling cutting technique?

    Great! But I'm not surprised! But remember: it''s just the start of a great rootsystem!
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    Anyone familiar with this pine species

    Probably JBP. Bundles of 3 needles happens on my JBP also.Looks like JBP to me
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    DirkvanDreven 6 year JBP from seed contest

    Still a couple of seedlings alive and kicking and repotted. This one was in a ceramic pot, size 3,5. And back in the same pot! Stil in the contest with about 8 seedlings, entering their 3th year! Very nice roots on these! Just read an article by Eric Schrader, about the difference between...
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    How to handle roots on pitch pine seedlings

    Pictures please?
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    Buds not developing

    Can you show with some pictures please? I only read your comments, in wich you are referring to your own trees, but you fail to show any? Or are you some kind of turtle too?
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    Ground growing Scots Pine

    I'm growing a Scots pine in my garden. Three or four years ago I cut the first sacrefice branche. Now the second sacrefice Branche is due to be cut. I'm afraid now, that I already left it growing to long and I'm losing taper. Can I cut the top of the sacrifice branche no to stop it getting...
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    Verticillium Dahlia

    The blackening of twigs and branches show especially in the fall.I hoped to hear there''s a less scary reason for the black edges on the leaves of this small maple
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