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    Violence averted at the San Diego Bonsai Pavilion

    In addition to the "thank you" button under posts there should be a "screw you" button.
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    OXYMORON_ American Bonsai

    Do Japanese dogs and American dogs understand each other when they bark? Dogs do not recognize borders and neither do trees.
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    Bonsai in the USA- where is it and where is it going?

    I used to have a friend who claimed to play guitar. One day he wanted to play together. The problem was he knew no theory, scales, chords notes etc...He just figured out on his own what sounded good on the guitar. That was fine with me but he could not play with anyone else because he really...
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    Newbie looking for some help - ligustrum

    It is all about aesthethics. Cutting it back that much makes it seem much older and more powerful. What you have now is nice and not "wrong" it just seems younger and more feminine.
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    hey Yall! new to bonsai here, need advice with this first Juniper please!!

    Enjoy it and don't keep dinking with it. If you only have a couple of trees it is easy to dink them to death.
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    show complacency

    This came up at our last club meeting. We decided that for our spring club show the most important thing is that everyone feels welcome to show a tree/display and not be intimidated by some of our very experienced members. We will have a novice and master category with modest awards being...
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    My work at 4th US Bonsai Exhibition

    Congratulations! It must be deeply satisfying to see so much of your work displayed at such a prestigous event.
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    Japanese Red Pine repot

    I don't think it is stressed and it can certaily wait until spring. Just time for a repot. When I thought of half and half I was thinking of doing just that - right side then left side. I guess the 2 quarters way would be better. I wasn't really going to up pot it, I am looking for a round pot...
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    Japanese Red Pine repot

    I was planning on doing half and then the other, just wanted to double check with the resident experts. Thanks!
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    Newbie air layer question

    If there is no hurry then plan your future tree and make an appropriate chop (s) in spring 2015 the do the layer in spring 2016.
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    Japanese Red Pine repot

    If Dave and Brian say spring that's good enough for me. I have been doing all root work then anyway but I saw that info from Evergreen and just wanted to check. It is healthy enough but pushed just a few weaker candles this summer. I hope it will be vigorous after the repot. Speaking of...
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    Japanese Red Pine repot

    Here are some pics I have as requested.
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    Literati books out there worth recognition

    Not to be a cop or anything but it is "bunjin" I believe. Darlene you mention the 3 hardest styles in your threads- windswept, cascade and bunjin. If you skip the basics you will have 10x the trouble succeeding with these styles. Just a little free advice.
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    Tiny trident

    Why are making a broom and developing nebari mutually exclusive? You have the makings of a great little tree there.
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