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    seen this and remembered this thread
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    Sun Surveyor

    Why is it some trees should have morning only sun or afternoon/eve only sun? I have never noticed in nature any tree species hiding in specific shadows.
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    Hornbeam gone wild

    wow!! simply superb
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    Proud Papa

    The look of pride on your face is unmistakable and rightly so she is beutiful.
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    Copper vs. Aluminum?

    I find more than enough copper wire cleaning up at festivals to be able to supply all my bonsai needs and make a fair parcel of cash at the scrappy.
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    Whats Going on in Smoke's Backyard?

    this is the kind of thread that really gives me inspiration cheers muchly.
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    Bonsai treehouse

    that's awesome i used to live in a tree house so haveve often thought about a bonsai tree house though on a much smaller scale. I'm definetly going to share that photo
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    Poor Mans Pot (Casserole dish)

    I use wash basins there ideal for larger trees and for smaller trees small mushroom crates
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    turning roots to branches

    surely if i succsfully root the branches then keep on top of removing all growth from said branches they would look like roots, an illusion, I think what i really need to know is if the branches rooted would they then provide nutrients too the tree ?? there is one branch on the tree which has...
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    turning roots to branches

    i'm happy with where the branches are if they were roots not branches. It would change what has the potential to be a good into the potential to be a stunning tree.
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    Folding Shovel

    most folding shovels are not strong enough however an army fold up trenching tool will take a lot more punishment and is my prefered tool for going any distance to collect.
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    Poor Mans Pot (Casserole dish)

    i do the very same thing for the very same reason another trick is the crap bonsai they sell in garden centres usually get reduced in price at end of summer to about £4 each and sometimes you get the bonus of one of the trees being worth working on.
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    turning roots to branches

    Hopefully I'm sick of watching other people eat our cake.
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    turning roots to branches

    when i get my camera fixed i will post photo and you will see why i want to root the lower branches. I got the two words mixed up because i was v tired, a little ill, very hungry and dealing with 6 screaming kids while trying to post a question.
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    turning roots to branches

    sorry i got branches and roots the wrong way round what i want to do is turn my lower branches into roots.
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