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    Japanese maple from seed

    They're coming along nicely! Did you plant your seeds all at once? If so are they coming in one by one? I planted about 50 seeds and about 45 of them sprouted within a week of each other. I might have had 1 or 2 that were delayed.
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    Mugo roots not happy at all

    It drains very well
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    Mugo roots not happy at all

    There's several mugo's here in town that get full sun all day, so with good attention it should be okay. I will be putting white plastic around the pot so the roots won't burn before it gets a repot.
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    Mugo roots not happy at all

    The other day I decided to slip my tiny mug out of the original pot to get a glimpse of the roots, to my surprise i only seen a handful of live roots on the perimeter. The top half seems to be chugging along with no obvious signs of poor health. Health wise what are your thoughts on this guy?
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    I finally think I found a front I like.

    What's your watering schedule like in the summer?
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    Weirdest grafts possible

    I've got ADHD so it allows me to focus on only 15 things at once haha
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    Weirdest grafts possible

    I've seen a privet melded to a chinese elm, so it can happen in the wild for sure. My ultimate goal is to graft a cannabis plant to a mature root stock. Now that 420 is legal in california, I want to try an old theory of mine. One day ill figure it out. I might need to use a 3rd species as a...
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    Weirdest grafts possible

    How distant of relatives can be grafted? Lets say I want to graft a hops vine onto a hackberry, to utilize an already established root system. Would a graft take? They are both Cannabaceae. I assume a thread graft with a seedling would be easiest.
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    Went for the seeds, and got seedlings

    Finally after 3 years I apparently collected some good seeds. My previous attempts must have been with seeds that were collected too soon. These seeds were collected in November after the leafs had fallen off. 2 of the collected seedlings are working on their 4th set of leafs and the...
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    How long before trident maple produces seeds?

    Fruiting trees produce sooner if they are pot bound. It tricks the plant into thinking it is mature. You might have pushed it back a few years by putting it into the ground?
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    Inexpensive ph testers

    So I'm in the market for a PH tester and I was curious if any those testers under $20 are worth buying.
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    Inosculation aka fusion

    We are all familiar with trees being grafted. All those fancy japanese maples were grafted onto a basic green maple root stock. For a long time people believed that the genetics of the 2 species were separated at the graft point. Come to find out that is completely wrong, they swap genes to...
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    Japanese Maple #10

    Holy smokes! Please forgive my ignorance, but for a tree as powerful as this one is, shouldn't it technically be in a squared or rectangular pot? I really like the color though. Casey.
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    Pines in gutter. Worth collecting?

    I'd collect every tree growing in those gutters lol.
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    Yamadori siberian elm advice.

    Let sleeping dogs lie.
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