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    Started Work on Ficus

    Worked on this tree again!
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    DE Inbound Sale Ends Tomorrow!

    Got home from work later than usual tonight. My wife had the box inside. I will sift through it sometime this week, and add it to one of my mixes in which it fits. Remind me, Clyde, what size particle should we most expect from this coarse DE?
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    2 years of development

    I did just purchase this tokoname from Japan. I’m slowly acquiring some nicer pots ?.
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    2 years of development

    Thanks. The BC is more of a challenge for me, probably my next tree to work on. I find it grows out of control and gets away from me in the summer. Good problem to have but I need to take advantage of all that growth better.
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    2 years of development

    Thanks ? I’m looking forward to seeing some leaves too. There’s a couple buds swelled up ready to burst. If larger it’d be next spring. But you’re probably right, the tree can grow into this pot more. I have a tendency to overpot. 1) I have a limited amount of pots. 2) nearly all of them are...
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    2 years of development

    Happy Spring! I've been itching to repot some trees. I spent a lot of my free time recently sifting a lot of soil. Now that it's as organized as it's ever been it's time to get to work. Here's the update for this tree, I decided to keep the same pot as I couldn't find exactly what I was...
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    Woo Hoo!

    Was just looking over another thread and found out they’re on Facebook. Eh no Facebook here! Sorry for hijacking the thread - nice pots!
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    Woo Hoo!

    Where does one find these .99c auctions?
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    SCREWED UP! New Coarse DE Poll / Thread Please Comment!

    Just saw this Clyde, I sifted through my bag of optisorb already. But, would still like to pre order a box of this stuff. Off to your website now, thanks. Edit: great! Just pre ordered a box. It sounds like it will be pretty uniform, but I assume you still recommend sifting for fines?
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    DE 8822 vs. Optisorb vs. DE Coarse

    Clyde, any news on coarse DE?
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    RIP, thanks for the inspiration.
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    2 years of development

    It has burst open pretty well, besides the back which is waking up a little later than the front.
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    Acer oliverianum and Acer rubrum var. drummondii

    Hey there, sorry for the delayed response - missed this one. Unfortunately my seedlings dried out that spring and I haven't gotten around to trying another round. If I can find some seedlings online I might give them a shot again.
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    2 years of development

    Will do mile! Took a pic after watering yesterday. I rubbed off some buds that were in undesirable areas. This is probably my favorite time of the year; watching trees burst open with a brand new flush of leaves.
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    My first collected tree, Bougainvillea

    Thanks! Rot has definitely been a problem. I need to reapply lime sulfer and wood hardener (now that it'll be raining much more in a month or two). Summer's are very hot and humid. I honestly prefer the winter, but I really look forward to the lightning and thunder storms. They light up...
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