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    Of mudmen and accent rocks: thoughts?

    Mudmen make a great target at 25 yards. About the some of their worth.
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    Darn squirrels

    Air rifle does a fine job on squirrel. Coyotes gotta eat too throw them in the weeds gone by mornin.
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    Crepe Myrtle?

    I picked up a Chickasaw crepe myrtle that I think is going to work well small leaves and compact.
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    Trees to look out for at a bonsai specific nursery?

    Remember. Good trees aren’t cheap. Cheap trees aren’t good. As a rule this is especially true at a bonsai nursery.
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    Spring at the International Bonsai Arboretum (William Valavanis)

    Watched it live enjoyed it all the way through
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    Starting an internship at Nature's Way Bonsai

    Congratulations Hopefully he’ll let you do a some work on upgrading their websit.
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    Pot with oil spilled on it

    Fill with sand or fines from screening and set in direct sun for 2 weeks should remove most if not all.
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    Squirrel damage? Options?

    Air rifle cheap basically silent and a final solution. A cheap meal if your so inclined but to me look like a rat with a tail.
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    Atlanta Bonsai Society annual Spring show, March 14, 15

    If you do you will regretit.
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    Atlanta Bonsai Society annual Spring show, March 14, 15

    Will their any vendors at the show.
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    Bonsai scam alert

    Somehow this thread has more sides then a cube and before all are heard just opinion.
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    I'm hooked but don't know where to start

    If your in Charlotte go take a class at Bonsai learning Center before buying a plant.
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    Nashville Tornados

    Saw on Facebook all was well with Bjorn.
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