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    Destroying People

    So I guess that means you'll be going to the show after all? Good. You should be there to vend. As much as it sounds nice for this individual to message you, I'm pretty sure he's not a 'Cool guy' he's a total dickbag. No need to take that with a grain of salt, I'm sure it's true ;-)
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    2 new to me pots

    Actually, the first is Mazan, that's the kiln name, Brother, I believe of Satomi Terahata. Tokoname potter. Second is Hattori Tomoyuki. Also Tokoname. Ryan Http://
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    Royal Bonsai Garden

    I was out at Suthin's last fall, and there's no doubt he has the best trees of any professional on the west coast. He still had a bunch of stuff for sale(specimen trees only) and his personal collection is simply the best...hands down. His shohin are the best in the country, taken as a whole...
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    New Pots in the Mail

    Hello Forteneer, I don't have any information about Deijyu, but I believe he is a relatively recent newcomer to the bonsai pottery arena, as I see them around a good bit, but they are not featured in the Kinbon books published in 2007. They often feature marbled clays and molded and/or carved...
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    Unknown Kiln - help?

    Nearly forgot: Rockm, a quick glance around the market will tell you that sellers in American venues almost entirely charge a premium for "Tokoname", without knowing the kiln. A particular eBay nursery in wildcat country comes to mind. They have 4,5,800$ pots up there simply listed as...
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    Unknown Kiln - help?

    True All, Signature doesn't equate to value, unless it's one of the hundreds of stamps, signs, seals, and chops that's worth anything. My chops database tells you who a maker is, but it doesn't tell you anything about whether that maker is worth a dime. I have chops from kilns up there that...
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    I'm lookin' for a pot

    BigDave, The real thing? Really? Drop me a line sometime, that's nothing more than the English language website of Yoshoen, whose Japanese site boasts "the real thing", but certainly not that one, it has literally 1% of of what Yoshoen had for sale, really just stuff Rie-San thinks will...
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    Brussels Bonsai pots any good?

    Shenanigans, I'm a total douche. Don't go spreading that good guy stuff around BVF, you'll ruin my rep! Anyone who's interested can contact me through the website. I don't visit the forums often enough to do that here. Obviously. I specialize in finding higher end pots, but I have no problem...
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    Strict importation

    I'm 95% sure that the Elm shipment In question is the reason for the current APHiS restrictions. Me, I wouldve burned the shipment myself and kept my mouth shut. I believe wholeheartedly that we should be able to police ourselves. Bulk orders of bonsai should be banned, wholeheartedly, I...
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    Brussels Bonsai pots any good?

    Ask and you shall recieve. You guys make me out to be a snob, or something(true). But not so much about age of pots, but quality. If you read the blog, there's a whole lot of potters up there I feature often doing modern work, Bushuan and Shunka Shozan, just to name a couple. So here's what I...
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    Tofukuji pot?

    Lol. I remember this thread, thanks for bringing it back up. They're both fake! Why? Let's do the breakdown: The 1st barely bares mention, the clay is too regular, the method of foot attachment or cut incorrect, the center chop in the Kaede leaf looks nail carved and not impressed, and most...
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    Chop Identification on new pots

    Both chops are upside down, and Both pots are Tosui, but not Uematsu Tosui, these are most definitely 3rd generation Tosui: Mizuno Shikao, mostly referred to simply as Tosui. For more on the topic see this blog post of mine: Ryan...
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    Instant Bonsai..The New Trend???

    I'll echo a few points and make a few of my own. Techniques have definitely gotten better, and changed. Consider Nakas pine management in techniques! Additionally, grafting rather than waiting for buds, modern substrates and inorganic mixes, improved maintenance and fertilization, these all...
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    Chop ID Please - Newly Exploring Pottery

    While I agree with Brian that this is Chinese, I will say that it's not uncommon for Japanese pots to have two chops(Takao Koyo, Ito Tonyo, even famous guys like Kozan and Tofukuji, commonly use multiple marks), although it is more common on Chinese pots. Same with the drainage, tons of...
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    Black Pine Help, Please!

    Dario, It's not just you, and it's not a matter of acclimatization. Parvifolia néed some shade if not cloth in the summer in areas higher than 7b, I think. I had some serious issues with leaf scorch on mine until I started sheltering them under 30% with my Deciduous bonsai. Even in Japan...
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