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    Crazy Collected Thuja

    A nice tree for sure. The movement is to the left and to me the thing (root? branch?) at the bottom right is disconcerting. The problem is I almost always find a tree looks better in real life than in a picture. That makes your perspective best.
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    White Cedar tweaks

    Jin and separating the pads a bit and it is better than ever. Pot gets no respect but I like it.
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    Apple bark

    Here is an update. First picture is how it looks now. In the next picture, if you look closely, you can see some of the new shoots that have sprouted from old wood. They are all over the tree. Strange?
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    SI have decided to go back into bonsaiNut ya guys.

    I haven't paid much attention to this thread because it isn't the kind of thing that appeals to me. But I have paid enough attention to this site to know that there are way more than ten folks here who have show worthy trees.
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    Balancing the Journey and Destination

    The great majority of my trees were collected at little or no cost. That usually means more time will be needed but more satisfaction with the result is also possible. There are usually a number of ways to proceed. We each find the way that suits us individually.
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    Balancing the Journey and Destination

    When I first joined my club, one of the founding members said something to the effect, "If you don't enjoy the process. don't bother. Bonsai is probably not for you." If you relish the process, good trees will eventually result. That is a win win. So, as has been suggested, aquire a number...
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    What works best for club fundraising in your experience!

    It is not something that can be duplicated but a few years ago we had a club member who loved to collect. He planned trips and scouted out places to go all the time. He was as avid as the deer hunters around here and he was good at it. The thing is, he didn't like working on trees, so he...
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    Apple bark

    Yes. I did let it grow out one year to see if it would bloom the next. It didn't. I usually do prune it back in the fall though. Maybe this year would be a good time to just let it be.
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    Apple bark

    Actually that is my only disapointment with the tree. It has never bloomed for me.
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    Apple bark

    This is an apple tree collected in Northern Michigan in2008. There were no other apple trees nearby and I have no idea what variety it is. It responded well to all the usual techniques. Then, last spring I noticed that the bark, especially on the smaller branches, was getting all wrinkly and...
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    Cleaning mineral deposites off!!

    Thanks. Do you have any idea how long it would last?
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    Cleaning mineral deposites off!!

    Can you use it in an electric drill?'
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    Glimpses of my garden

    Do any that are on posts smaller than the pot ever fall off?
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    What type and size wire do you use to anchor trees into pots?

    Plus it costs quite a bit less.
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    Moss around base of Chinese Elm - remove or keep?

    Assuming it is nice, I would remove enough moss to expose the nabari anyway
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