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    Doing Yamadori near railroad tracks

    This thread reminds me of a collecting trip our club took a number of years ago. One of our members owned a long strip of land that abutted a rail line. We went there and it was a very fruitful place to collect - lots of trees were dug up. It was hard to tell exactly where the rairoad right...
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    Pine bud-back from old wood

    @Sansiu LP @leo Next year I will see if I can find it again (friend's property) to see how it is doing I'm certainly not suggesting a bonsai technique here but you have to wonder if that budding was triggered by some chemical released by the tree. That might be useful to know.
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    Pine bud-back from old wood

    This tree is an Eastern Red Pine (Pinus resinosa). It had seemingly succumbed to a severe draught. There was no green anywhere, just a few brown needles clinging to some dead looking branches at the crown. But the next spring, after ample rain, this happened. The trunk sprouted new growth from...
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    Hollow Creek Bonsai

    I was at Hollow Creek several years ago. A great selection of pots as well as trees at reasonable prices. Don't know what to expect now days though.
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    Do bonsai demos have value?

    Once a few my fellow club members and I where looking at the material the guest artist was going to use for his demo. Someone said, "Seriously, what would you do with it?" We all did take it seriously and gave our responses with full explinations. So of course we paid close attention to what...
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    Collected Southern Live Oak

    There is a live oak in Foley Al. that is a state champion. Magnificent tree! Someone told me when I went to see it that live oak played a role in the revolutionary war. They were so good for ship building that the British forbade the colonists from harvesting any for themselves..
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    If you could collect just one of these?

    Hey Matt, you need to make this tree a long running post as you bring out the best of it over the years.
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    Trunk taper development with minimum scars

    I tried it a couple of times years ago. It didn't work. It might be possible to make it to work, but not easily.
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    Trunk taper development with minimum scars

    If you have access to The Journal of the American Bonsai Society, in Volume 52, Number 3 an article titled "What Chop" describes a technique that has worked for me.
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    larch leaf reduction

    In my experience larch are like most other bonsai in that as you develop the ramification the number of leaves increases but the size gets smaller
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    Does it have a name?

    Just a quick question. What do you call it when you bring two branches closer together by putting a wire loop around them and twisting it tighter with a stick in the middle? Is there a name for that? I was trying to explain this to a friend and had no luck.
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    To bury or not to bury?

    I'm sorry. My post was not clear and I'm afraid I mislead you. I was trying to say that the standard techniques work for some species but not others. There may well be no techniques that work for your tree.
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    To bury or not to bury?

    It depends on species, I think. I have tried it three times, two successful one not. Actually, one ground layer and one air layer successful, one air layer not.
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    Trophy 2019 a few pictures of the exhibit

    May be the best post here ever.
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    What cases / when is it right, aesthetically-speaking, to ignore the rule of "angle the tree toward the viewer"?

    Exactly! I had a tree in a show once where the nebari and branching looked better from the side that tilted away from the viewer. I showed it that way. The judge turned it around and turned it back and turned it around again. Finally he said, "It would be a better tree if it didn't have that...
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