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    Flowering Mume; Happy New Year

    Prnus mume flowering Mine if not far away, maybe two weeks,
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    I Have This Elm...

    elm I think that the trunk on the right is too long. it is far too big for mame, but ok for shohin. Having said that the apex is too dense and needs to be thinned out, but the first thing I would do is remove the wire. I would not remove the right trunk, just reduce it. The branch on the...
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    Help on some Japanese maples

    maples I think with material that is good like these it would be better to try to find someone locally to help with the styling. It is not easy to say cut this or that especially with someone who does not know what they are doing. This could ruin the trees. I would suggest finding a club in the...
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    New garden shop yew

    yew This tree seems to have a lot of yellow leaves, not good. Pruning can be done anytime with Yews. The only time that it is not good is during the winter when it is very cold, otherwise I work on them the rest of the year. They do back but well, I have seen stumps of trees that were very big...
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    A squirrel attacked and stole my tree

    squirrels Well, they were there before we were so I suppose they have a right to dig up your trees. Joke. It is unfortunate but that is life, and if things that attract wildlife are around then they will be vulnerable. I sat and watched a bird taking moss from one of my trees, then I went out...
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    can you overwater in mostly inorganic soil?

    overwatering I use a mix containing Akadama and Kyodama which is a gritty substance. I find that from around March to November I have to water then during December to end February I almost don't need to water, in fact there are times when it is necessary to tilt the pots to allow draining of...
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    How big is too big?

    The tree can be up to a metre, too big is when you can't carry it!! I was at an auction and the tallest was I think 105 cm., because of the way it was styled this was fine, most of course are less than this, but I believe the term for the bigger ones is Emperor bonsai. Geoff
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    When to give up?

    when to give up Some years ago I had a small Satsuki which got dry and dropped all its leaves, I thought it was dead, but I did not need the pot so I left it. It was watered if any fell on it, then after about 18 months-yes, it started to sprout new leaves. Incredible, and it went on to flower...
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    Want to start Bonsai ASAP!!

    want to start asap I agree, and the learning curve is vertical. You have to learn how to crawl and walk before you can run. Formal upright is probably the most difficult to achieve, buy a book, join a club, go to a show and look at trees, then you can start to learn the art of bonsai. don't...
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    Smart pots as field/ground alternative?

    field/ground cultivation The reason for planting trees in the ground is to get thicker trunks fast. It is as effective in a large container but will tak longer. In the ground they have unrestricted root runs, and are unlikely to het too dry. I planted a Trident Maple last year, and it made two...
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    To buy or not to buy

    to buy or not Sounds like a hell of a lot of money for what it is, no I would not buy it. Geoff.
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    New member looking for some tips (Ulmus parvifolia)

    chinese elm I keep my chinese elms outside all the time. We have temps down to -10C and they survive fine. It seems to me that you need to aclimatise the tree to colder conditions, but you don't say how cold you get. When I first saw your pictures I thought the soil looked dry, but you have...
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